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Micro-Trak RTG (Ready To Go)

The Micro-Trak RTG (Ready To Go) FA is a complete 10-watt APRS tracker, including a frequency agile 2-meter transmitter, a TinyTrak3 controller chip, a Byonics GPS2 receiver, and a magnet mount SMA antenna. The MT-RTG FA was designed for easy vehicle installation. Since it comes pre-configured with your callsign, it is literally "Ready To Go". Simply connect the included antenna and GPS receiver to the top of your car, plug into the cigarette lighter jack, and you are on the air!

Even though it does ship pre-configured, users can easily update all settings by downloading the configuration program below, and using a F-F null modem cable to connect to either a computer serial port or a USB-to-serial adapter.

The MT-RTG FA is frequency agile to any frequency in the 2-meter band (144 MHz - 148 MHz), includes built in telemetry support to transmit supply voltage and temperature, and has a bootloader to support future firmware updates.

For more information on the MT-RTG, see Sam Buchanan's review at VansAirForce forum, or AE4XO's video of the MT-RTG at You Tube.

Anacapa School has launched a MT-RTG to near space. See the video!


NOTE: The Micro-Trak RTG comes pre-configured and ready to go, so after you place the order, please use the order notes or a follow up email to send us your callsign & optional SSID, and any other operating parameters which differ from the defaults in the configuration program (downloadable below). If we do not receive this information, we will hold your order, and contact you via email before shipping. If you are new to APRS, and unsure of what settings to use, we only need your callsign, as the other default settings should be fine for most users. If you wish to use a frequency other than 144.39 MHz, please include that frequency also.

NEW: The Micro-Trak RTG interface cable is now available with a Powerpole connector. Just request the Powerpole connector when you submit your callsign via the order notes or follow up email, otherwise we will ship with the cigarette lighter plug.

Add To Cart Micro-Trak RTG FA, GPS, Antenna Combo - $220. Includes the built and tested frequency agile (144-148) Micro-Trak RTG FA, Byonics GPS receiver, V3 magnet mount SMA antenna, and 12V power interface cable.

Add To Cart Micro-Trak RTG FA - $150. The built and tested frequency agile (144-148) Micro-Trak RTG FA, and 12V power interface cable. GPS and antenna not included. We do not recommend the V4 antenna for the MT-RTG.

Add To Cart Micro-Trak RTG FA High Altitude Combo - $250. Ideal for high altitude ballooinsts (HAB). Includes the built and tested frequency agile (144-148) Micro-Trak RTG FA, Byonics GPS4 high altitude receiver, V6 dipole antenna, and 12V cigarette lighter cable. Weight is 8.9oz not counting battery, 6.1oz if GPS4 is replaced by GPS4OEM.

Add To Cart Micro-Trak RTG 50 - $210. Includes the higher power (50W) frequency agile (144-148) Micro-Trak RTG 50 and 12V power interface cable. GPS5 is recommended, but not included. We recommend the V8 or V9 antenna (not included). The V3 antenna is not recommended for the MT-RTG 50. Please specify cig lighter plug or powerpole. This was previously called the MT-RTG 30.

Add To Cart Micro-Trak RTG Cable - $10. Spare or replacement cable for MT-RTG or MT-RTG 50. This cable has a DB-9 for serial and computer connections, and a 6 pin mini-DIN to connect to the MT-RTG. Ships with cig-lighter plug unless powerpole is requested.

If your question is not listed here, please Contact Us.

  • The Micro-Trak RTG operates on amateur radio frequencies, and requires a valid amateur radio license to use.
  • The Micro-Trak RTG is a transmitter only, and may ocassionally send very short packets coincidentally with other transmitters.