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We are sorry to report that Pocket Tracker is no longer available. It was discontinued because some of its parts were obsoleted and replacements have not been found. This page remains for reference.

However, Byonics now carries a similar product, the Micro-Trak 300.

HiValue Radio has created the Pocket Tracker, a 2-meter FM transmitter combined with a TinyTrak3 that provides an easy and inexpensive way to build an APRS tracker. Just plug in a GPS receiver and Track!
  • No need to tie up an expensive radio for APRS tracking
  • No complicated radio cabling
  • Simple 2 wire GPS connection
  • Extremely long battery life ( > 100 hours when properly configured) - Keep on trackin'!TM
  • PIC controlled, PLL-Stabilized, FM APRS Transmitter
  • Simple kit (All SMT parts are pre-assembled)
  • Simple RF alignment (one variable inductor)
  • Supports all the latest Byonics TinyTrak3 features.
Pocket Tracker Kits are normally shipped pre-programmed to operate on 144.390 MHz and 144.340 MHz. We also offer a European Version pre-programmed to operate on 144.800 MHz and 144.850 MHz. If you would rather receive the European version, please specify this in the order notes. For information on all other frequencies, please contact

A Frequency Agile Pocket Tracker is now available! Click Here for information.
The Pocket Tracker is currently out of production. There is no expected availability date at this time.

You can use the Kenwood D700A / D7A to Computer Serial Cable HERE to program the PocketTracker.
Note: A TinyTrak3 Gender Changer/Null Modem will allow a Pocket Tracker GPS Adapter cable to be used for programming. A TinyTrakII Gender Changer/Null Modem will allow a Pocket Tracker Programming cable to be used for GPS interfacing.
Orders are charged an addtional $6 shipping, and are automatically shipped USPS Priority Mail or USPS Global Express.

Documentation: The first 3 files are all included with every kit, but are also provided here in PDF format.
Pocket Tracker Kit Contents
Pocket Tracker Kit Illustrated Assembly Instructions
Mint Tin Can Feature Dimensions
Pocket Tracker Component Loading Diagram
Pocket Tracker Schematic
Pocket Tracker Backside Wires Image
Pocket Tracker Populated Image

The Pocket Tracker FAQ page is also available to answer questions.

After ordering a kit be sure to download the TinyTrak3 configuration software and documentaion.
Download TINYTRAK3.ZIP Right click the link and choose "Save As..."
Please do not distribute TinyTrak3 software, firmware, or documentation without written permission from the author.
Orders can also be placed by sending a check or money order to:
Byon Garrabrant
8378 Granite Mountain Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89129
Include shipping as stated above.

Note: Pocket Tracker is a transmitter only. It does not receive radio signals, and therefore may occasionally transmit over other stations, unless an external radio receiver is added.
For more information, please eMail
Also, the TinyTrak Group at Yahoo! is very active. Read through the archives for help, or post questions to the members of the group.
HiValue Radio - Simplifying APRS TM