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Barry - G8SAU (2007-10-11)
Few problems getting a PC that would talk to it but once that was solved (RS232 - TTL issues) my TT3+ programed fine. hope to install to my Fishing Boat look for me in the North Sea
Joe - KA1MZY (2007-10-05)
Amazing product (micro8000). All you need is to offer a mounting box for the micro trackers, and your product will be complete!
Don - KK9H (2007-10-02)
I have built a number of APRS trackers for myself and members of my local radio club. Both the TinyTrak3 and TinyTrak3 Plus have been easy to interface with many different radios. Once properly set up, they work very reliably. They are really neat products.
James Jarvis - KB0THN (2007-09-17)
I received the PicCon from you today, built it in about 15 minutes, and found it to work great. Thanks for the great kit!
Kostas - 5B4AIR (2007-09-09)
GPS2 is just PERFECT !!! Very sensitive Very quick. Shiping was very fast also. Thanks Byonics
Xavier - F8BSY (2007-09-08)
Tinytrak3Plus is a fantastic product... The GPS2 is very sensitive, (SiRFstar III chipset) works even inside the home !!!! wonderful! Satellite acquisition: immediately Many Thanks Byonics !!
Miguel - HB9TQM (2007-09-03)
Great, now i can't get lost We used it also for a weatherbaloon, we ware able to track it, till 10km of hight. Next time we will go higher :D
Juan Munoz - TG9AJR (2007-08-29)
Great products: MicroTrak8000 + Byonics GPS1 ! Keep the good work, congratulations.
Reb - G0CJM (2007-08-28)
TT3PlusCombo is an impressive tool, which keeps us on screen of all who are monitoring are whereabout esp for emergencies. Thanks, Byon.
Gary - W2CEA (2007-08-27)
FANTASTIC Products, Micro-Trak 8000 and Byonics GPS. Great Technical support.
Tullio Rupil - 9A2RI (2007-08-23)
Very Good product 73
Peter VEnlet - N8YEL (2007-08-15)
Micro-Trak 8000 working flawlessly! Showed it off at our local club meeting where it met with several o-ooo's, a-hhh's and wows! You'll be getting some calls for sure! Great product! Thanks!
Brad - WF7T (2007-08-10)
Received the Micro-Trak and Byonics brand GPS...Works like a champ the first time out. Great product and highly recommended. PS: my old TinyTrak3 works great too! Thanks for some great gear!
Derek McIntyre - N4DBM (2007-08-03)
The Tiny Track is a must. We have been impressed by the dependability and simple operation of this unit and would recommend it to anyone.
Pat Kilroy - N8PK (2007-08-03)
The Micro-Trak 300 performed well on my SimSat-3 high-altitude balloon flight in July 2007. It was the first time I used the MT300 for flight and it looks like it will fly again. See some results of SimSat-3 at http://www.patkilroy.com/simsat until the next flight.