Testimonials from Byonics Customers

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Bill - KH6UU (2014-09-18)
Micro-Trak works exactly as described. Bought one for a family member ham, and going to order another for myself. Up and running in 5 minutes!
Stuart - ZL2TW (2014-08-21)
Just assembled a PIC-CON and it worked fine first time. Easy to assemble with fool proof instructions just like the tiny traks.
Fred Uebelhoer - KA3IRJ (2014-07-24)
Fun and well designed products, I've purchased several now and all have worked better than advertised. The kits make great Club projects and the service from Byonics is fast and accurate. All the Best! Fred KA3IRJ
Allan - Vk4id (2014-06-19)
purchased a Micro-Trak RTG FA, Very happy with the service and the unit , straight out of the box all working great with no problems, Many thanks Allan
Valerio Balestrieri - IW8CGX/KD0RKF (2014-06-12)
Very good customer service.All it's ok! Thank you!
Tim Forbes - (2014-04-04)
I bought my MT-RTG about 18 months ago for use in my sail plane. The unit worked wonderfully, although there were times where I had trouble initialising the hardware. I lived with the issue for a full flying season and then decided I would have to rectify the situation. The unit was shipped to Byonics and the source of the problem was identified as the small antenna. The unit was returned to me without charge and equipped with a better-suited replacement antenna. Thank you for the great service. Tim Forbes.
Dale Murry - AG6SC (2014-02-28)
Sent AIO on balloon flight to ~121,000 ft on 02/23/14. Parachute torn loose when balloon burst. AIO survived fall and continued to provide packets which allowed recovery.
Jerry Glass - KE4URB (2014-02-24)
Purchased Micro-trak RTG FA 50 Watt. Works great just plug and play. Great booth at Hamcation!! Thanks Jerry
Lars Boman - SM6HOC (2013-12-15)
I'm very satisfied with TinyTrak3+. I have had it on a couple of radios and no problem. It has been with us and the caravan, in Italy and Croatia with no problem.
peter chapman - ZL3JC (2013-12-05)
thank you very much for the MT-8000FA, I are having a lot of fun with it.Thank you again.
Bill Kretschmer - N2KNL (2013-11-21)
I recently purchased a Micro-Trak RTG FA, GPS, Antenna Combo and it works great. My amateur radio friend purchased his at the 2013 Dayton Hamfest Byonics booth. It's still working great. Cheers to your products! 73 Bill N2KNL & Elaine KB1VAJ http://www.radiotimeline.com/stormtracker.htm
Andy Taylor - 2E0GPU (2013-10-06)
The TT4 is a brilliant piece of kit. Kit easy to build, and works really well. Thank you!
Ira Stacey - VO1IRA (2013-09-22)
I recently purchased the TinyPack for installing to the Davis Weather Station to stream weather data. At first I was skeptical if it would ever work however after a week of brain storming I can say it is now working great and lives up to what Byonics has stated. Great work guys for providing compact and affordable items that can do the job one should want.
Ira Stacey - VO1IRA (2013-09-21)
Have the TT$ hooked to my Kenwood D710 and Avmap Geosat 6 works great for sending messages. Could use some help from anyone who has a Tinypack and the Davis Vantage Pro2 for APRS weather reporting, can't get it to work yet need some insight on programming the Tinypack and Davis.
Jake Jacobs - k5WTA (2013-08-05)
I have three RTGs in different cars, including a smart car and one in the motor home. One TT3 in my truck and two TT3s on the shelf. Just love them, I also run K4SIX-1 digi, Thanks for a wonderful product.