The TinyTrak3Plus is an APRS GPS position encoder. When connected to a serial GPS and a radio, will transmit its location at an adjustable rate, providing an inexpensive way to build a mobile tracker. It is configured by connecting to a computer and running a simple Windows configuration tool which allows setting of all user options. Then the computer can be disconnected, and a GPS connected in its place for operation.

The TinyTrak3Plus decodes any NMEA-0183 serial GPS sending $GPRMC or $GPGGA sentences. USB only GPSs will not work. It can provide 5V power to an external GPS, such at the Byonics GPS5, and transmits position, altitude, speed, heading, and timestamp. It also supports SmartBeaconing, which adjusts transmission rates to speed and turning and can transmit position in MIC-E, NMEA, or APRS ASCII text format. It supports two configurations, with all user options switchable.

In addition to the TinyTrak3Plus, users will also need a radio/power interface cable and a computer interface cable for configuration. The TinyTrak4 is similar to the TinyTrak3Plus, but can also decode incoming signals to be displayed on a computer, act as a digipeater, and send and receive messages. Our MicroTrak products are TinyTraks with built in transmitters.

DownloadTinyTrak3Plus User Manual - Assembly and operations manual. Version 1.03
DownloadTinyTrak3Plus v2 Adendum - Notes for the new built TinyTrak3+ shipped starting September 2020.
DownloadTinyTrak3 Configuration Software - Windows programing software. Version 1.4.6
DownloadTinyTrak3 Firmware - The TinyTrak3 firmware to restore a TinyTrak3 after conversion to a firmware below. Version 1.42
DownloadWXTrak Firmware and Configuration Software - The WXTrak firmware will convert a TinyTrak3 to a Peet Brothers weather station encoder for APRS. Version 1.4
DownloadTinyPack Firmware and Configuration Software - The TinyPack firmware will convert a TinyTrak3 to a simple packet encoder which can be used to send weather data from a Davis station with the Weatherlink APRS adapter. Version 1.4. Note: Current Davis devices apparantly no longer support APRS.

Add To CartTinyTrak3Plus - $52
A built and tested TinyTrak3Plus.

Add To CartTinyTrak3Plus and GPS Combo - $126
The built and tested TinyTrak3Plus, along with our GPS5 receiver.

Add To CartTinyTrak3 Chip - $23
A replacement TinyTrak3 through hole DIP chip.

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