GPS Receivers

Serial GPS receivers are used to determine a location, speed and heading and send that to an APRS controller such as the TinyTrak for transmitting to the APRS network.


The Byonics GPS5 receiver is a 5-volt, WAAS enabled, 4800 baud RS-232 serial GPS that sends standard NMEA-0183 sentences once per second utilizing the SiRFStarIV chipset. It includes a 6 foot female DB-9 cable and IPX7 weatherproof case with a strong magnet to allow easy external car mounting in rain, snow and sun, but are also sensitive enough to work well indoors.

A blue LED is inside the case that is on solid when acquiring, and flashes once synced to the satellites. DB-9 pinout is 2:GPS data out (RS-232), 3:GPS data in (not normally used), 4:+5V power input, 5:ground. Current draw is about 32mA. NMEA sentences sent each second: $GPGSA, $GPRMC, $GPGGA, $GPGSV. Accuracy is approx. 2.5 meters. Acquisition times are: Cold Start: 35 sec (avg), Warm Start: 35 sec (avg), Hot Start: 1 sec (min). Sensitivity is Acquisition:-147dBm, Tracking:-163dBm.

GPS5 is a 5 volt GPS. Connecting the GPS5 to 12V will damage it. The GPS5 can be connected to a TinyTrak3Plus (if J7 is set for 5V), TinyTrak4 (if JP6 is set for 5V), or MT-RTG. For use with a TinyTrak3 (non-Plus), a computer serial port, or other devices, please consider the GPAC below.

Add To CartGPS5 - $79
Our most popular GPS receiver. For altitudes up to 60KFt/18KM.

Add To CartGPS5HA - $90
High Altitude Balloon version for altitudes up to 270KFt/84KM.

GPS5 Modules

We also have the Byonics GPS5 module without the case, DB-9 cable or magnet. Suitible for embedding with other products. It comes with a 3" JST plug interface cable and outputs both TTL and RS-232. Wiring is 1:black:ground, 2:red:3.3V to 5V DC power, 3:yellow:TTL data from GPS, 4:white:RS-232 data to GPS, 5:green:RS-232 data from GPS, 6:blue:TTL data to GPS. Size is 30mm x 30mm x 7.8mm. Weight with cable 15g / 0.5 oz.

Add To CartGPS5 Module - $74
GPS5 module only, for altitudes up to 60KFt/18KM.

Add To CartGPS5HA Module - $85
High Altitude Balloon version module only, for altitudes up to 270KFt/84KM.

GPS to 2.5mm Adapters

The GPAKP & GPAIP adapters allow connection of the GPS5 to a Kenwood, Icom, or Yaesu GPS enabled mobile radio. They take 12V from the powerpole plug and regulate it down to 5V to power the GPS5, and also adapt the serial connection to a stereo 2.5mm TRS serial plug.

Add To CartGPAKP - $29
For Kenwood TM-D700, TM-D710, TH-D7 and Yaesu radios with a 2.5mm GPS jack. GPS serial data is present on the 2.5mm ring.

Add To CartGPAIP - $29
For Icom IC-7100, ID-880H, and ID-5100A. Not compatible with the ID-51A. GPS serial data is present on the 2.5mm tip.


The GUA will connect a Byonics GPS receiver to a computer USB port. The GPS will appear to the computer as a standard COM port. Unlike most USB to serial adapters, the GUA provides the 5V to pin 4 needed to power the GPS receiver, so no additional power adapter is needed.

Add To CartGUA - $23

DownloadUSB cable drivers - v1.7

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