The Byonics TinyTrak4 is an APRS tracker controller, digipeater, and KISS TNC. When connected to a serial GPS and a radio, it can send and receive APRS position and telemetry packets, as well as act as a stand alone smart digipeater. A computer running APRS software can be connected to the second serial port to provide mapping of received traffic.

In addition to the TinyTrak4, users will also need a radio/power interface cable and a computer interface cable for configuration. The TinyTrak3Plus is a simpler, transmit only version. Our MicroTrak products are TinyTraks with built in transmitters.

DownloadTinyTrak4 Quick Start Guide - A guide to help get started with the TinyTrak4. Version 0.7
DownloadTinyTrak4 Built Hardware Manual - User Manual for the TinyTrak4 hardware. Version 8
DownloadTinyTrak4 Kit Hardware Manual - Assembly instructions for the TinyTrak4 kit. Version 0.7
DownloadTinyTrak4 Alpha Firmware Manual - Documentation for the TinyTrak4 Alpha firmware. Version 0.72
DownloadTinyTrak4 Firmware Manual - Instructions for updating the TinyTrak4 Firmware.
DownloadTinyTrak4 Built Hardware Manual - User Manual for the TinyTrak4 hardware. Version 7.2
DownloadTinyTrak4 Alpha Firmware - Lastest firmware for the TinyTrak4. Version 0.72
DownloadPrevious TinyTrak4 Alpha Firmware - Older firmware and config program for the TinyTrak4. Version 0.68

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TinyTrak4 are out of stock due to supply chain issues until January 2023. The TinyTrak3Plus is still available.

TinyTrak4 Display

The TinyTrak4 supports connection to a 20x4 LCD display which can show received stations. When an optional PS/2 keyboard is also connected, users can send APRS text messages, and update TT4 settings. Download manual and wiring guide

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The TT4BT is a bluetooth adapter for the TinyTrak4. It connects to the J2 serial port connector, provides a bluetooth interface to Port A, and allows the connection of a GPS to Port B. Download manual.

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