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Testimonials from Byonics Customers

If you have been impressed with Byonics products or service, please share your comments here.
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Doug - K4AIU (2017-03-02)
Very impressed by my Micro-Track RTG-50 FA. I bought this dedicated APRS rig to free up my mobile radio. Literally plug and play. Functions flawlessly. Thanks!
John Bulmer (Jack) - N2JNT (2017-01-11)
They shipped my MT-RTG the same day I placed the order! The unit is truly plug and play, as it started working as soon as I powered it on. Great product, great customer service.
Bill - KH6UU (2016-11-13)
My MT-RTG is still going strong after 2-1/2 years. Never drains the battery when my vehicle sits for a couple of weeks. Installed one in my Dad's (also a ham) vehicle a few years ago. It was a great help when he traveled across the country and needed assistance in finding him late at night. Highway Patrol found him and made sure he was at a safe place to stay for the night.
Michael Berchtold - K6MKL (2016-10-27)
I've had my MT-RTG for 3-4 years now and love it! I had an issue with the connector and Allen took care of me to fix the issue! Byon is great at responding to my questions. Mike was quick to respond to a question about my order. You have an excellent team over there at Byonics!! It's hard to find companies that provide fast and excellent service to their customers nowadays. Keep up the excellent work!!
David Moseley - KF7VYT (2016-10-03)
Purchased Micro-Fox MF-15. Setup/configuration was a snap. Customized the 'tune' that is played. Beyond my expectations. A fantastic product - I'm impressed.
james e mendenhall - ke6whn (2016-09-29)
i've been doing bussiness with byon for a number of years, way back when the first pic-on the monday nite t-hunt days, the products have all been quality.
John Randle - K9RSQ (2016-08-14)
Ten years ago I purchased and assembled a TinyTrak3 and it worked great. Unfortunately my GPS w/ serial interface died and was not replaced until recently. Starting again basically from scratch, Byon guided me through several configuration issues and I am now back on the air. I do not know of many vendors who will support a 10 year old product as Byon does. Thank you for the great customer service.
Dennis Merritt - W6UHQ (2016-05-05)
Just installed 8 AA batteries in my XYLs new MT-AIO, cranked on/off to on and watched the indicator lights come on excitedly. Had placed the mag mount on an appropriate non vehicle magnetic surface and waited for KF6ZOY-9 to show up on APRS.FI in the Sacramento area. After some period of time it did show, but not as soon as I had assumed it would. After wasting several hours pondering the slow appearance of ZOY I turned on my TS2000 and listened to 144.39. I knew the Sacramento area is radioactive, and that even with my 35W APRS unit I still have difficulty getting a packet through. But the channel is 80% of capacity at peak usage (SWAG). With a barefoot 10W and no RX before TX I think I was lucky to get any packets up to the Internet gateways. Planning a trip out of Sacramento Valley area to see how it fares on a more reasonable test environment for this class of APRS transmitter. Initial experiences very favorable. Looking forward to additional testing and final installation in Grannies Van. Anyone willing to share experiences with MT-AIO mobile? 73, Dennis/W6UHQ - Sacramento.
Lou Broad - N1RCA (2016-04-24)
Just used MT-1000 HA on 92.000 ft balloon launch for New Hampshire Science Teacher's Association. Exceptional performance, ease of use. Great Package!
Greg McCulkin - VK2TEQ (2016-02-04)
Installed the Micro-Trak RTG50 last November. VK2TEQ-9. The things on 24/7, works a treat. A good way to keep track of the team through an emergency activation. Picked up a 2nd GPS unit for the Kenwood D710. Double treat. Im from Down Under QF56LF
Ken Porter - N3TXC (2015-12-23)
Love my new mt-rtg received it in 2 days up and running within 10 min. Quality product, alreading thinking of up grading to mmt4b
Steve - KA4TMB (2015-10-23)
Love my Micro Trak. Bought one after my brother Bill - KH6UU (2014-09-18) recommended it. Now want to upgrade to TT4 so it will RX before TX since it's so busy on the east coast here with collisions, but that's not a problem with the hardware. Just too much fun with APRS and work with ARES! I love being a Ham! HAH!! Thanks, Bill *AND BYONICS*!
Adam - KG4ERE (2015-09-30)
I started off with one TT3 on one of my vehicles to see how it did. I worked flawlessly from day 1. I have since purchase 3 more Tiny Trak units for various uses and they all work great. Any tech questions I have ever had are always answered promptly and efficiently. If you are looking to purchase a quality, easy to use product, then you can do no better than Byonics.
David warden - KG7NKG (2015-09-28)
Just received my gps unit and cable to connect to my IC-7100 radio. Worked first try. Very pleased. Love the 5v voltage regulator built in to connector and power pole connector for 12v supply. Nice touch.
Gary Gail - wd8ajj (2015-09-27)
Installed the Mico-Trak on my motorcycle and running like a champ the 1st time. Will admit was the easiest I have ever had installing an APRS unit! Wish we had more than 1 Igate node here in town....
Christoph Cramer - DF5KX (2015-07-03)
Need a nice price fully functional APRS kit? Tiny-Track 4 is what you NEED! Working in my place as DB0IT digi + WX station since a couple of years by now! Check or findu to observe wx cond in East Frisia / Germany! THANK YOU BYONICS!! KEEP UP that GREAT work!!
Rod Milbrandt - (2015-05-29)
The first Micro-Trak AIO HA we ordered had some problems, Byon immediately sent another to exchange via priority mail free of charge. Great customer service! Highly recommended.
Rich - KU9R (2015-05-28)
Great product! I ordered two, put them together in one evening. Hooked them up, downloaded the config software...BINGO, they just work!Easy peasy!
Jim Koelling - KB9CFH (2015-05-23)
Good track to Dayton and back from Ada, Ok. 2015 Hamvention Search KB9CFH-9 Canoe even shows getting slightly lost in St. Louis, Mo.
Darryl Hedges - KD9AUK (2015-03-10)
I have used the Micro-Trak RTG with my high altitude balloon flights and it has performed flawlessly. Great product at a very reasonable price.
Clinton McDonald - VK3MJC (2015-02-27)
Great service. TT3+ arrived and seemed to work fine, but wouldn't key radio. Email to Byon had him pinpoint a failed transistor. Replaced the transistor and it's off and running. The fact that Byon responded to emails within 12 hours, and offered to send a new transistor out to me (in VK) speaks volumes for his service and support.
Wayne Reed - K4TTZ (2015-02-13)
After a failed attempt at updating the firmware on my WORKING TinyTrak4, I found myself with a dead device. I tried reloading the firmware per the firmware manual with no joy. I sent a brief email to Byon, and he put me back on track and I was able to recover my device. Good device that performs flawlessly and good customer service. It's a rare thing nowadays.
John McNelly - KK6NQK (2014-12-01)
Ordered the TinyTrack3Plus with TinyPack firmware a while back for a high-altitude balloon project. I had some troubles initially (through no fault of the Byonics hardware; I was getting RF interference on my Arduino serial outputs from the radio I was using), but Byon was extremely helpful every step of the way. I also bought a Micro-Fox 500 from Byonics, which worked wonderfully. I just recently had the SMA board-mount connector break off (again, not due to a problem with the product) and Byon is having one shipped to me for free. Great products with five-star customer service! I'll definitely be ordering from these guys again :)
James Bodnar - W8UQZ (2014-10-15)
Works great. Never had a problem with the Tiny Trak3. Any problems that came up were with the radios.
Jim Koelling - KB9CFH (2014-10-12)
If you use PicCon and do a lot of field re-programing, think about sending the DTMF to a digital audio recorder for LONG DTMF strings. Then instead of having to punch all those buttons, just hit the play on the recorder. You can also save the MP3 file to your computer for future use. You can remote change, or hook direct into the PicCon unit.
Bill - KH6UU (2014-09-18)
Micro-Trak works exactly as described. Bought one for a family member ham, and going to order another for myself. Up and running in 5 minutes!
Stuart - ZL2TW (2014-08-21)
Just assembled a PIC-CON and it worked fine first time. Easy to assemble with fool proof instructions just like the tiny traks.
Fred Uebelhoer - KA3IRJ (2014-07-24)
Fun and well designed products, I've purchased several now and all have worked better than advertised. The kits make great Club projects and the service from Byonics is fast and accurate. All the Best! Fred KA3IRJ
Allan - Vk4id (2014-06-19)
purchased a Micro-Trak RTG FA, Very happy with the service and the unit , straight out of the box all working great with no problems, Many thanks Allan
Valerio Balestrieri - IW8CGX/KD0RKF (2014-06-12)
Very good customer service.All it's ok! Thank you!
Tim Forbes - (2014-04-04)
I bought my MT-RTG about 18 months ago for use in my sail plane. The unit worked wonderfully, although there were times where I had trouble initialising the hardware. I lived with the issue for a full flying season and then decided I would have to rectify the situation. The unit was shipped to Byonics and the source of the problem was identified as the small antenna. The unit was returned to me without charge and equipped with a better-suited replacement antenna. Thank you for the great service. Tim Forbes.
Dale Murry - AG6SC (2014-02-28)
Sent AIO on balloon flight to ~121,000 ft on 02/23/14. Parachute torn loose when balloon burst. AIO survived fall and continued to provide packets which allowed recovery.
Jerry Glass - KE4URB (2014-02-24)
Purchased Micro-trak RTG FA 50 Watt. Works great just plug and play. Great booth at Hamcation!! Thanks Jerry
Lars Boman - SM6HOC (2013-12-15)
I'm very satisfied with TinyTrak3+. I have had it on a couple of radios and no problem. It has been with us and the caravan, in Italy and Croatia with no problem.
peter chapman - ZL3JC (2013-12-05)
thank you very much for the MT-8000FA, I are having a lot of fun with it.Thank you again.
Bill Kretschmer - N2KNL (2013-11-21)
I recently purchased a Micro-Trak RTG FA, GPS, Antenna Combo and it works great. My amateur radio friend purchased his at the 2013 Dayton Hamfest Byonics booth. It's still working great. Cheers to your products! 73 Bill N2KNL & Elaine KB1VAJ
Andy Taylor - 2E0GPU (2013-10-06)
The TT4 is a brilliant piece of kit. Kit easy to build, and works really well. Thank you!
Ira Stacey - VO1IRA (2013-09-22)
I recently purchased the TinyPack for installing to the Davis Weather Station to stream weather data. At first I was skeptical if it would ever work however after a week of brain storming I can say it is now working great and lives up to what Byonics has stated. Great work guys for providing compact and affordable items that can do the job one should want.
Ira Stacey - VO1IRA (2013-09-21)
Have the TT$ hooked to my Kenwood D710 and Avmap Geosat 6 works great for sending messages. Could use some help from anyone who has a Tinypack and the Davis Vantage Pro2 for APRS weather reporting, can't get it to work yet need some insight on programming the Tinypack and Davis.
Jake Jacobs - k5WTA (2013-08-05)
I have three RTGs in different cars, including a smart car and one in the motor home. One TT3 in my truck and two TT3s on the shelf. Just love them, I also run K4SIX-1 digi, Thanks for a wonderful product.
Andy B - 2E0EBR (2013-07-20)
Thought I had a problem with my Micro-Trak nearly 2 years after buying it. Shipped it to Byron who tested it, couldn't find a fault but shipped it back FOC .... Receiving service and support like that is indeed a rare commodity mow-a-days and echoes comments made by others ..... thanks again Byron
Dave - NG5E (2013-04-26)
I've been using MT-AIO in my airplane for a year or so now. Very simple to use and works flawless... can't say enough about customer support either!
John - K4AG (2013-04-14)
I've had a WX Trak in a solar powered wx station for 10 years and it works great, never had any issues with it. Check out K4AG-3 on
Geoff - VA6TAC (2013-04-13)
I have the RTG unit with V3 antenna & 10 watt transmiiter / GPS combo. Excellent deal. My programming questions about telemetry were promptly answered by email & I'm hitting digipeaters according to with "good path" & never had any issue. PS the V# antenna also works GREAT for your HT if it has a NMO connector.. 5 star rating
andy - 9H1XD-7 (2013-03-26)
Severino Mastracci - YV5OF (2013-03-24)
Excellent equipment, practical for fixed stations, mobile or projects Positioning System (APRS). Now I'm working on implementing a Digi with a TT-4 and experimenting with the TT-3.
Graham Wratten - G6MAR (2013-03-07)
The TT4, GPS and associated cables arrived safely in the UK in under a week.
Pete - G8OQG (2013-02-13)
MT AIO arrived in good time , now to find the time to play !
Konrad Roeder - WA4OSH (2013-02-04)
I received a Micro-Trak RTG as a gift from my cousin Bob W0RTG. Bob had the unit pre-programmed to 144.39 and with my call sign. When it arrived, it was completely Ready To Go. The V3 antenna and the GPS both are magnet mount, so they quickly pop on the roof. After fastening the SMA antenna connector to the transmitter and the GPS to its mating DB-9, I mounted the black box behind an access panel for my right turn indicator. Then I plugged it into the 12v utility outlet in the back of my car. The LED on the black box blinks a bit while the GPS is initialized and finds the location, then the LED goes solid green and occasionally flashing orange. After a quick 10 minutes of setup, the unit was already reporting my location on There are two things that bother me only slightly. One is that the GPS DB-9 and the DB-9 cable to the transmitter unit don't screw together tightly. I will find a couple of barrel nuts to make that happen. The second thing is that the DIN plug that goes into a matching socket on the transmitter has a tendency to wiggle out under vibration. The cable needs a strain relief so that the weight of the cable does not pull the plug out. So far, I'm quite happy with it's performance so far, having "hit" digipeaters 30-40 miles away. Thanks Byon! I fastened it behind an access panel to the inside
Larry Palmer - NW1X (2013-01-25)
Used the Microtrak AIO HA model for a near-space balloon mission with 120 fifth graders. Absolutely the Rolls-Royce of tracking devices for balloonists. Got a good track as soon as the craft cleared the treeline and continued tracking all the way to 97,000 feet and back! We used the rubber duck antenna for training and the dipole antenna for the actual flight. Thanks for a great product - couldn't be happier!
Kevin - N9WKU (2013-01-17)
Bought the Micro Fox for a field day T-Hunt. this worked superb. Its small size and range capability made this an excellent choice for our event... Word of advice get the complete package its a great deal. P.S. if you tape it to a magnet and slap it on the post of a tennis court the chain link fence that surrounds the courts do amazing things to the signals and makes it much more difficult to find a "FOX" when in plain sight
Al - VE7CM (2013-01-08)
Resurected my old TT3+ last week and fired it up, I've had this thing running in my old mobile for years and it's still going now and it's been 5 years now, hasn't even skipped a packet. It's out lived two radios and beats on, I'm looking at buying a TT4 now.
Bill - N2KNL (2012-12-22)
The Tiny Trak4 works great! Buying the WXTrak for my Davis Vantago Pro WX station soon and using it APRS mobile storm chasing this summer. Cheers to Byonics and their products!
Beric - K6BEZ (2012-11-01)
Very well done kit and great instructions. I liked that the Reference Designators were grouped by value - very easy to follow.
Dave - WB3KXL (2012-10-19)
Sent MT-AIO back for repairs. Was user error in resetting power control incorrectly. Didn't charge for repairs. Great customer service!
Tomasz - SQ2MTJ (2012-09-20)
very high quality products (Tiny 3 and 4) thanks,working great!!!!
David - KF7WIR (2012-09-04)
I received the MT-RTG in a day after I ordered it. The unit has a dual configuration which worked out for me since my radio decided not to report to aprs for some reason Ive yet to troubleshoot. Ive sent more than a few emails asking questions and always received quick responses, great support. The MT-RTG worked right out of the box, this is a terrific unit. Im thinking I may buy another.
Scott - K7NET (2012-08-31)
The Byonics line is made up of very high quality products with excellent flexibility in its use and interfacing with the many radios I use them with. I have been very happy with everyone I have dealt with from learning about the products to the ordering process and through the technical and product support! CLASS A STUFF!!!
Andy - K7FED (2012-08-12)
I have owned and use many Byonics devices. Tinytrak, pockettrak, AIO, and others. Every single one has performed as expected with no failures. Byonics sales and support is second to none. Thanks Byon!
Steve - VK4VH (2012-08-09)
I've had the MT-RTG for a while now. I even took it to Europe with me. What a neat device! I also have a tinytrack4 which I use on my HF radio in the vehicle. Both Excellent products.
Adrian - YO3HJV (2012-08-08)
In Stratospherium I, there was some errors from the GPS4 receiver. Correected in Stratospherium II when the GPS was placed above the payload. No errors! The MTG worked very well with a custom made double dipole antenna (a sort of turnstile).
Bill - WA5FLG (2012-08-06)
I have been using my MT-AIO yellow box for several years both mobile and aero mobile and am very pleased. I recently sent it back to have the latest upgrades installed. Now it works better than ever ! There was no charge for the work. Thanks Byonics.
Tony - NA0US (2012-07-31)
Byonics has fantastic support. Couldn't get my GPS working correctly and was ready for a trip and Byon sent me a new one free of charge. Ended up getting the original working and didn't get the new one back for almost two months until my return. Couldn't ask for more. My two Micro Track RTG's are working flawlessly.
Tiny track 4 is a great tnc for aprs. Working good 24 hours here and easy to configure. Thanks Mr. Byon 73s
Christopher Nelsen - WD9HIK (2012-07-02)
Micro-Trak AIO .. EXCELLENT !! Really jurst put the batteries in and it works. Very easy to reprogram also. Best hardware I have ever purchased.
David - VK4AGP (2012-06-24)
Very impressed with the MT-RTG with GPS. Good price and fast service.
Gayan - 4S6GGS (2012-06-09)
Hi i Make some home brew APRS
Todd Stowe - KJ4RSG (2012-05-24)
I do high altitude balloon flights. I used Byonic's Micro-Trak VHF Antenna V6 on the last flight. You need one of these! My transmitter was picked up and posted to at a lower altitude than ever before and at a lower altitude than ever before! I'm VERY happy with it.
Michel - K0HYT (2012-05-07)
Great full featured and reliable system! The best part was the customer service! Byon is quick to respond to questions and WILL stand behind his products!
sebastien - F8FFP (2012-03-17)
See web page nice week-end
Tim - (2012-03-06)
I bought my MT-RTG about 18 months ago for use in my sail plane. The unit worked wonderfully, although there were times where I had trouble initialising the hardware. I lived with the issue for a full flying season and then decided I would have to rectify the situation. The unit was shipped to Byonics and the source of the problem was identified as the small antenna. The unit was returned to me without charge and equipped with a better-suited replacement antenna. Thank you for the great service.
Ben - VK2BEN (2012-02-29)
Great service! TT3 with FSK and TT4's for Digi use: reliable and good programming interface. Could you build your own cheaper? Maybe, but why endure the stress and frustration? Deploying Digipeaters is now almost PnP. Keep up the good work!
ED - W3HXJ (2012-02-09)
Supper support service. I have TT3 & 4 and now AIO.
Macca - VK3MJC (2012-02-09)
Quick delivery of the Icom compatible cable to VK. Removed R8, plugged it in, set the freq on the radio, and it just works. :) Thanks Byon.
Maureen - k6bsc (2012-01-30)
I have been using the Tiny Track for many years.There are many in our area and each Tiny track set's off a different color of tracking which is great, and when there are many hams you are watching,it's easy to keep track of each. . the Green, Blue, Pink tracking and so on. I have a question. .Can we or How can WE change our color on our tracking device ? Is this just a Girl Thing or does anyone else care how to change there color. .
AGUIAR - PU2AMA (2012-01-30)
Scott - W9VHE (2012-01-26)
Super quick delivery. Board looks great, kit packed great, looking forward to using it a long time.
Merv - VK3KAW (2012-01-23)
Again, fast delivery and an excellent product (TT4). First one works great, is in constant use since 2008.
Dave DiGiorgio - KD6KHL (2012-01-19)
I just love the Tiny Trak4 I have. Before this I had the Alinco radio with built in TNC and it was horrible. The TT4 cured all my problems. Byon offers GREAT customer service too!
Marcelo - PY3MO (2012-01-19)
Comprei um TT3, funcionou perfeitamente, agora quer adquirir um TT4 para usar como TNC.
Les - 2e1ebx (2012-01-18)
very pleased with my new micro-trak rtg great piece of kit and it arrived in just 4 day's fantastic.Now looking to buy some more kit.
Rich - A B 2 M D (2012-01-13)
Love the Micro-Trak. Upgraded from older TT. Would be interested in knowing if anyone if has used this unit with a switched cigarette lighter plug and the APO3 and a small 12 battery. rlourette at google dot com
sebastien - F8FFP (2012-01-02)
Happy New Year at all from France. Visit my web page:
Old Don - K8NOZ/// J68OZ (2011-11-19)
I HAD a problem ,Byon took care of it Post Hast. Very happy with his products....
Nik - DO6NIK (2011-11-14)
Ordered 2 complete Kits with Display and GPS2 of the TT4. After configuring both Kits work 100%. Now looking for a case to put TT4 + Display in. Also delivery to the European Comuntity works fine. Only personal Custom-clearence was needed while no Invoice was on and in the Package.
Chuck - KC9QCF (2011-10-23)
The Micro Fox is an excellent device for Fox Hunts. Works well even in urban areas.
carlos - LU8DCH (2011-10-17)
Harry - K5HLH (2011-09-17)
bought a AIO from a friend that was second hand, we couldn't figure out why the unit was not registering on aprs network, after sending the unit back to Byon and Allen in teck support, the unit had a minor and we do mean minor issue, Allen sent the AIO back to me at no cost even though it was second hand, this was unbelievable!!! I will state that if you go some where else to get a unit for aprs you are wasting your money and this proves it!
Tom Arnold - WA6OVP (2011-08-30)
Hello to all I am very much pleased with the Byonics Micro-Trak MT-RTG NA. The ready to go unit was received three days after being ordered. After receiving the tracker, twenty minutes later it was on the air and seen as WA6OVP-9 on the internet web site Google Maps APRS. The Byonics Micro-Trak MT-RTG NA, is certainly "plug and play." The Byonics company sells great products!
darko - 9a7kdt (2011-08-28)
I use MT-8000 for almost 2 years(every day) and works excellent.
Bruce Kramer - N1BRU (2011-08-24)
Purchased a TT3+ with GPS2 put everything together from the kit form, I'm no electronics whiz, but like to learn. I was pretty proud that when I finished the TT3+ all the lights worked the way they were supposed to. Well, not being versed I inadvertantly hooked up the 12 volt pads and smoked my GPS2. Contacting Byonics for help, I sent everything back and they helped me out, getting everything working with little expense to me. I would like to thank Byon and staff for an outstanding job of customer service, it is very satisfing to know that at this business the customer comes first. I truly will recommend this business to all my Amatuer friends, Thank You again Byonics a great place to do business!!!
Stefan/Steve - OE7SBH (2011-08-23)
Thanks!!!for the Good Aprs Tinytrak 3+ and 4 Alpha The Best Tracker Very Thaks Byon
Jan - PA7O (2011-08-05)
I own 2 TT4's and one TT3, compact, works all the time. The TT4 is even better (stable) than the TNC-X. APRS = TT4, Thanks Byon.
Carlos - CA6UTA (2011-08-03)
Great unit, I recommend the TT4, Thanks Byon.
Jim - PA2JIM (2011-07-26)
Perfect unit for APRS! Nice compact design and programmed with the call its literally RTG! Thanks for the fast delivery and excellent support! Highly recommended! 73!
Slade - NX9P (2011-07-24)
Recieved my MT-RTG and within 10 minutes I had it installed and ready to go. Just prior to shipment I had changed my callsign from KC4WVL to my present call. Byon was more than gracious to program the new call at the last minute. Thx Byon.
John Streeter - KC9EOC (2011-07-24)
Ordered 8 Mico-Trak AIO's. They worked so well I just odered 2 Micro-Trak RTG's and 2 Micro-Fox's.
Kelly - W0KDE (2011-07-15)
Just received my MT-RTG and within minutes had it on the car and roaming around Colorado. What an awesome product. I'll be looking to Byon for all of my aprs needs from here on out.
Rafael - KE6FEP (2011-07-13)
hi everyone, I was using the Tiny-Trak3, for a long time without problems, but when it get one, Byon offer me to send it back to fix for me and he did! Byonics have an excellent customer service, you never will find another company like Byonics.
ignacio - lu1esy (2011-06-23)
hi everyone, I received micro trak combo and put to work in a few minutes in my car. excellent hardware and simple software. byonics work, highly recommendable
Giorgio - iz3lit (2011-06-17)
Great , compliments to Byonics team .I've buy a TT4 ( kit ), i'm really satisfied for this multipurpose tnc-tracker . A lot of options ,a really good quality ( hardware- software ). Thanks Man! Greetings from Italy, Vicenza ps , surely i come back to buy something , Hi ;-)
Jim Culver - K5JMC (2011-06-11)
Received my Micro-Trak AIO today, put 8 alkaline betteries in and very shortly thereafter, I began seeing my location showing on the web. Will be great to have both VHF and UHF available for voice for the next Public Service Event that i do on the Goldwing
DD Lewis - KB5JTJ (2011-06-10)
Several years ago I was introduced to the TT3. From there I have worked myself up the line, now waiting for the AIO-IV. Along the way I have stumbled and needed help in understanding the inner workings of the units. Byon always supports his products. When you mess up, he's right there with a helping hand. No one can match his customer service.
Cap - WB6ZDF (2011-06-08)
Past experience A few years ago I had a Suzuki Sidekick. At which time I used your TinyTrak3 and TinyTrak4. This worked out very well for me, but then I got a Honda Fit. The 3 & 4 just would not work in there. Even with the car off I could hear a high pitch tone. I assume over the 12VDC line as I put an external battery on the ground and connected to it, everything worked OK. Again assuming the tone was coming from the factory installed security system, thinking it was the only thing still running. I also tried your Micro-Trak RTG FA. It also had problems with the Honda. ONLY thing left to do is get a different car (:> (:>. I now have a Chevy. HHR. So far everything seems to be working great. One little problem. Need to check the Dim plug periodically as it has a tendancy to back out.
Gary - K1ZXX (2011-05-26)
This is by far the best for APRS, the ease and workmanship with costumer support can not be matched, Byon is a helpful and patient and will go the distance to help you out!! that alone is well worth the product.
Keith Harvey - VA3KRV (2011-05-21)
Picked up the RTG at the Hamvention yesterday, plugged it into the Buick, fired it up and it is running flawlessly - beaconing VE3KHV-9. The tiny package replaces a venerable HW2032 and gives me back my tool space in the SUV "below deck" cubby. Great product - also met Byon and had a good chat, picked up a TT4 and display also. No end to this stuff! 73
Scott Hill - W6SRF (2011-05-04)
A few of the guys from the Pittsburg County Amateur Radio Club use your products for APRS during severe weather. I am not up to speed with your products yet, but I will be purchasing some things soon. VERY EXCITED about how well this stuff works. Keep up the great work!!!
Pierre - F5BRF (2011-04-14)
I have two TT4 (DIGIT) one TT3+(car) and one microTrack 8000FA very good materiel Thank's Byon
Edward Bassett - N8FVM (2011-04-10)
Wow I am over whelmed at all you have to digest. I will be contacting you soon about what you recommend for my application.
Kevin Wison - KI6SUJ (2011-03-23)
I purchased the Micro-Trac 8000 FA a few years ago. It is still working flawlessly. On events, I can be picked up by NET control where people using other units fade out. More recently, I purchased the APO3. It works great. Turning of the motorcycle caused me to appear only where it last beaconed. Now, they know where I am at due to the continued beaconing, without me worrying about leaving the key on. At my recommendation, a friend purchased the RTG combo. Again, a solid unit. All purchases went smooth. Each product is great.
Paul Voorhees - W7PV (2011-03-17)
Great product! Easy to assemble, works as advertised. I'm thinking of getting another. I use 8 ea 1.2v NiMH batteries for the HT and 8 for the PicCon and have a very small package (in a Rubbermaid container) that will run for 5 hours. Thanks Byon!
Todd Stowe - KJ4RSG (2011-03-10)
I'm beyond a newbie when it comes to electronics. All I wanted to do was take pictures from space with a weather balloon. The guys at byonics were beyond helpful. I'd never have pulled it off without their help. See the photos at
Keith - G0FEA (2011-03-05)
OUTSTANDING, Ordered and delivered in 5 working days from the USA to the UK. TT4 & GPS Worked straight out of the envelope. Check out my live APRS at Thnaks Byon.
Larry Jacobs - WA7ZBO (2011-02-27)
I have five PicCon controllers mated to five Radio Shack HTX-200 handheld radios. This combination along with a 9 volt battery gives me the ability to do anything I want in any combination in the field. The whole thing is palm sized and with the feature of using the receiver as well as the 200mw transmitter, I can reprogram on the fly or activate the units after they have been hidden. In the five years I've used these, I have never had one problem. Not bad considering the whole unit with used radio off Ebay cost less than $100.00.
Evan Heckel - WB5KOJ (2011-02-14)
I bought a PicCon kit and I am delighted with the quality of both the circuit board and the instructions. It was simple to assemble and works great - easy to program and lots of flexibility. In short a great product.
Paul - W5LZ (2011-02-10)
I have two of Byoni's products, both work well, do at -least- what is claimed for them. The first one I assembled and it worked(!) and still does. The second one was the 'MT-RTG' model, nice'er than my put-together cigar box. Happy camper...
Hal - W4HP (2011-01-28)
You can't do business with better than Byonics. After cross connecting my power leads on my TT4, Byon took great care of me. Shipping was very timely and I will be ordering more! .......Thanks Byon........Hal
Thomas - SV2CLJ (2011-01-25)
I got my packet from Byon ,fast & smooth transcaction ... Excellent Quality .. as always ..this is the fourth time i bought kits from Byonics . Guys go to them ! Thanks Byon.
Chris - Ae4xo (2011-01-22)
WOW! I got my microtrak RTG in 2 days. I had it running about 5 minutes after it got here! Awesome product for simple tracking.
Steve Cook - KJ4LAB (2011-01-08)
Very happy with my TT4 and recently added the RTG. Byon's customer support is second to none.
Dennis - KA0ZIS (2010-12-17)
Have done quite a bit of business with Byonics. TT4's, TT3 and GPS have always been very satisfied with the products and service.
Einar - LA7YKA (2010-12-15)
Fast shipping of TT3+ combo and TT4 with display unit. Delivered i Norway 6 days after ordering. Both units were easy to assemble and worked as expected on first try.
Al Bowen - KG2M (2010-12-12)
I expected all of the functional features(and was not disappointed) but not the top notch physical design and implementation. No home brew feel, but a quality well thought out assembly. The accessory cables were a pleasant surprise too. Again not off the shelf hardware asssemblies but molded body connectors and wire strain reliefs with shrink wrapped cable ID's. Worth every penny.
Bill Farley - WA5FLG (2010-11-23)
I was using the TinyTracker 3 plus and needed a compact unit. I ordered the "Yellow Box" MT-AIO unit and am a happy camper. No more components spread out all over the car or airplane ! The unit works much better and is very handy.
Ronald - ZL3BCC (2010-11-14)
I ordered the TT4 v7 and got it after 7 days. Initially got some issues the TT4 is not transmitting but Byon was very helpful and patient in answering my emails. He told me to reload the firmware, set the configuration on the radio and TT4 and it worked. Very good customer service. AAA+++
John - n6vcw (2010-10-31)
PicCon: I replaced the resonator with a crystal and added a 22pF cap between each of the leads and ground. The timing is superb with this mod. It's being used in IARU mode and works great. Nice controller!
John - N6VCW (2010-10-31)
The kit was very easy to assemble in under 20 minutes). It's working perfectly and programming it is very simple.
Clint Bradford - K6LCS (2010-09-23)
If you want to get involved with a company that is responsive and cares about its customers - then look no further. I have sent the most elementary questions to Byonics on my new TT4 purchase, and they are great.
Dick - W0HHF (2010-09-14)
Bought 2 TT4D, one with GPS for tracker, one without GPS for fixed base digi. Initially had a problem with displays, but Byon and I were able to solve over the phone. Performance is outstanding once I figured out how to set the receive audio level. Always read where some radios didn't put out enough audio; I kept increasing the RXAMP setting, but problem was actually too much audio. Outstanding range. Check out W0HHF-3. Just a J-pole on a TV mast on top of my garage with LMR-400 feedline. Thanks, Byon.
steve - n2ser (2010-09-13)
Our club purchased the PICPAC for use in our foxhunt. Not only did it work well, but it far exceeded our expectations. Support is outstanding if you have questions, or need assistance with programming. Thank you Byonics.
David - KF4WQW (2010-08-17)
Would like to thank Byonics for the MT-RTG product they have placed on the market for Ham's to use. Very simple to make the unit TX in mins. Took me longer scratching my head how & where to hide the unit. My car was TX'ing in about an hour. My truck took a lot longer because of space & hiding the wires. Just remember if you are already TX'ing on APRS to add an extra number at the end of your call sign when you order more than 1 unit or have another unit on APRS.IF. This unit fixed solved my teenage problem of wondering where my car is. Thanks again for a great product. Look forward to buying again.
Roger JONES G6XCJ /G0CJM - (2010-08-03)
Courtesy of a French Call. I now use only TCPIP* as my path and this has the effect of reporting my location to the closest metre/yard. I use this path best with my TT3Plus and with my IC-E2820.
Jesse Wall - KA8YYZ (2010-07-09)
Byon was great at helping an APRS newbie with setting up my weather station. The WXTrak is a great unit. I am extremely satisfied. My weather station is located at the flying field of my model airplane club. All of the members are really happy to have weather from our field on the club site. Thanks again, Byon!
sebastien - F8FFP (2010-06-25)
Tom - KF7GLE (2010-06-12)
Truly excellent product and service. Very likely I will be ordering additional products from Byon. Embodies what small business online retailers should be. MT-AIO is a sturdy versatile product. What a great concept!
Valeryi - uu4jlm (2010-05-26)
Hi, good tracker is very useful when used with a display and keyboard. Is there a manual for work and the correct configuration for pedestrian use. Thanks
Benny - VK@GSM (2010-05-25)
I ordered a Tiny Trak3 for myself and a Micro-Trak RTG for VE7CHE,both of the items arrived within a week and work like a charm .
Brian - WA6JFK (2010-05-25)
I purchased the Tiny Trak3 and the GPS. Setup was super easy and it works right out of the box. Also great email support to boot.
Giuseppe - IZ1RWC (2010-05-20)
I have maked by myself, but i love the original from Byonics! Great TT4!!! Simply but complete and very functionally!
Clay - W0LED (2010-05-04)
Usually I like to build kits (and I have built Tiny Traks from kits before) but this time I just wanted it to work and fast. So, Byon supplied the TT3+, the GPS, and the radio/power interface cable. I did the system integration in the trunk of my car. And, you know what? It worked first time -- no muss, no fuss. Thanks Byon!
Edwin Bagwell - KD4DRA (2010-04-09)
Byon has bent over backwards to support his products and to give the best customer service. Thanks Byon
Jim - KC4MHH (2010-04-09)
Have been using various models since the orignal TinyTrak. Have several MicroTrak MT-8000's and the great MT AIO with the FL3 Airboat Search & Rescue team. These units have worked great, providing detailed information on team location and added safety to all personnel. I just ordered two more AIO's! Looking forward to new products (hopefully, one that will work on a search dog's collar!).
Bob - VE7WNK (2010-04-05)
Loving my TT4. It was easy to build, and I was able build a beacon switch into using an option in a different radio. My GPS is connected to the TT4 and I was able to split the data out to a laptop. With the flick of a switch I can update my TT4 on the fly. I adore this product. I can't wait to use it in TNC mode for something like winlink! (winlink mobile!)
Dan in British Columbia - (2010-03-22)
My MT-AIO was left in a vehicle which was stolen. Police were able to track and recover the vehicle undamaged and the driver got a year of jail. A small price to pay to get your vehicle back and save the insurance deductible... and get a little bit of justice.
SEBASTIEN - F8FFP (2010-02-18)
I have just made the acquisition of MT AIO, and I hold have congratulate the quality of job congratulations have BYONICS team
R&S JONES - g0cjm-9 or -12 (2010-02-18)
Excellent but not with Smart Beaconing!
Richard Fournier - Kc9fk (2010-02-15)

Sbastien - F8FFP (2010-01-27)
I overthere very can of user time of the TINYTRAK3 and I am happy of his simplicity. I would still use product your with plan to order others Thanks Byon!
Don - WB6LPJ (2009-12-31)
My TinyTrak has been mounted under my trucks rear seat, mostly forgotten, powered for over 4 years. Has been frozen and toasted during this time and continues to perform its job. Well done Byonics!
Ray - KC4VTX (2009-12-23)
Purchased the TinyTrak3 years ago and has worked flawlessly. Nov 9, 2009, sent it with a weather balloon to 100,344 ft! Tracked without loosing one timed response (good line of site!). Also recovered the package! Working to help Emergency Managers to utilize hams, APRS, and their GIS data to aide in coordinating localized searches (away from web). Thanks again!
Patrick Rendulic - LX3PR (2009-11-27)
I bought a Micro-Trak AIO in May 2009. Very fast delivery to Europe. The MT-AIO is a wonderful solution for worry-free APRS tracking. Used mine during the summer as a tracker during my tour through Scandinavia. I just did a minor modification to the power supply of the tracker. I jumped the on-board voltage regulator. Now I can use NiMH cells without any premature shut-down of the unit. Just go on with those wonderful little products ;).
Seth - Kd7piq (2009-11-11)
We have been using your microtrack for tracking of whether payloads works wonderful
David - KG6RWU (2009-11-04)
Byon is always extremely helpful. All products ordered have worked perfectly. Highly recommend his products!
Sid - G4RIO (2009-11-03)
I Placed a order for my tinytrak3 plus and 4 0n 26th Oct it was posted to me on the 28th recieved my parcel om 2nd November THATS WHAT I CALL SERVICE THANKS Byonics
Steve - ZL2ASC (2009-10-28)
I have just tried the new firmware V0.60 for the tt4. The DDIST command is great. It allows the remote LCD display to show the distance and direction to other APRS stations while mobile.
Erik - PE9RIK (2009-10-18)
Hi Byon, I promissed to you in our Emails that I would let you know my experience with the TT-3. Well, after a lot of strugling with my Laptop (please dont use Dell!!!, the soundcard sucks and the decoding will NOT work) it worked marvellously!!! Thanks for your support and i will pobably order more of your APRS tools.
Nathan - KC0MYM (2009-10-16)
I placed a good size order Monday and told Byon that I needed the order by Friday because I was heading out for the week. On such short notice and with a couple of emails to figure out the config, he sent it out! It arrived THURSDAY! Everything works great and I want to say kudos to a man that knows what customer service\quality means in this day and age. Thanks Byon! KC0MYM/Nate
alex m parker - va3amp (2009-10-06)
i am using the tiny track 4 my self and a few other hams in the area where i live . they and my self are have a good time trying diffidence setting and mounting in are cars i few weeks ago two of us have them on are atvs in the woods helping out for a local event that we hlpe out every year . with them . and using Google fi map . i live in bowmanville Ontario Canada. and my call sign is va3amp
Joop - PD0RKA (2009-09-20)
..after I have soldered the DB 9 pin connector to the board for better contact of the pins, all was working fine!!! Realy a great little transmitter/TT3 with 8 watt output. It's working great in my car or boat. 73's, from Netherlands PD0RKA / Joop
Humberto Gonzalez - CE3SUR (2009-09-14)
I purchased a Tinytrak3+ for my old Kenwood TK250 and it worked great here in Santiago Chile on 144.390mhz, thanks so much! 73`s ce3sur.
Scott Bogue - NB7N (2009-07-06)
My prepurchase email questions were all answered within an hour. I received my MT-AIO unit with callsign programmed at factory two days after placeing my order. The construction and packaging are superb. I screwed the antenna to it;s connector, installed the AA batteries and was on the air in minutes. Fantastic customer service and quality construction. I would recommend Byonics and this unit to anyone.
Conrad - DO4KSC (2009-07-03)
I have been buying several times from Byon. His products work really well and he has incredible prices. Even +shipping to Europe was much cheaper and much faster than shipping from a well known german dealer. It never took longer than 4 or 5 business days to receive. For any question I had, I got an answer in minutes (during his business hours but with a given timeshift of 8 hours!) and every "milestone" was announced by mail. So, all in all Byon is my No. 1 to deal with and to buy additional equipment for my shack. The new generation, he ist a real global player! THX and 73 to Vegas!
Sean Sheedy - AI4ID (2009-06-24)
I have been buying from Byonics for several years. Byon's TinyTrak products work well and he has the lowest prices for PowerPoles that I've found. Today I ordered some power poles and a car battery low voltage protector, and asked a question on another product. The response came back in minutes and the shipping confirmation came back minutes after that. Typical for Byonics. I once had a problem with a TT3 SMT, and Byon offered to replace it without any back-and-forth. Very highly recommended not only as a vendor, but also as an example to other vendors as to how to do things right.
Mathew Ferreira - N1MJF (2009-06-18)
The TinyTrak3 kit took my a whole 15 minutes to solder and trim. Programming took about 2 minutes. I think the most time consuming part was running to radio shack to buy some db9 connectors. I wired mine up to my IC-91ad at least until a d-star machine comes up in RI. Great product! I'm already looking to see what my next Byonics kit will be!
Joop - PD0RKA (2009-06-16)
Purchased a GPS2 and TinyTrak3plus on Friday, June 12 ..and it was delivered in the Netherlands on Tuesday, June 16 in the morning!!! Within 15 minutes I was in the air with my Kenwood TH-D7 porto and no doubt my Icom 207H will share with the TinyTrak3plus soon... Great and very fast service also to Europe from Byonics!!! Thanks a lot!!! 73!!! PD0RKA / JOOP
Cody - K6MEU (2009-06-15)
Just wanted to let you know I love my Tiny Tracker 4. It was given to me by a friend who has quite a few of them back in December and it has worked great. Firmware upgrading is easy, programming is easy and installation is easy. Only thing I found is I the California heat and the tracker being on my dash, the case got a little warm and warped. No biggy. Great product! I don't leave home with out it!
Jeff - N9UUP (2009-06-15)
I purchased the GPS2 for my new Kenwood D710A. Took only a few days to show up at my door. Works great! Locks on Sats really fast, and is pretty small in size!
Phil Cyr - VE1PGC (2009-06-12)
Only took a few days and was just what was stated I will deal with with Byonics anytime
Stephan - HB9ocq (2009-06-06)
:-) 73 de Stephan
Russell Abbey - KG4MAV (2009-05-30)
I got the first TT-4 after back surgery in January 08, since then I have added 3 more and also gotten the displays that I'm fooling around with. I want to thank Byon for an excellent product and also for his support. Not to forget the folks at the TT/TT-4 Yahoo groups for their support to a guy who had never built an electronics kit before. By the way, they went together extremely easy and led me to trying other kits and stuff. Byon, thanks so much for your support and understanding and patience with a then "new guy". Russ Abbey KG4MAV-10/3,
Kurt Savegnago - KC9LDH (2009-05-25)
Use the MT 300 and 3000 to track amateur rockets. Works absolutely great. Awaiting the arrival of a BFT for vehicle tracking so the XYL cna keep tabs on where I'm at. Yeah, I don't mind.:-)
DON - N2TVP (2009-05-20)
Outstanding Product! Got my Tiny Trak 3 Plus in 3 days and was on the air within half an hour. I'm using a Garmin eTrex and HTX202 right now but plan on going to a dedicated GPS using the power out from the Tiny Trak. Unit is portable and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle easily and will even work from the saddlebag of my motorcycle! Setup couldn't have been easier, Thanks Byon!
Geoff - KB1POR (2009-05-07)
I just received the TinyTrak3Plus (got it in 2 days after ordering!), everything was packed well and looked to have been built professionally. The only issue I had was due to the radio, if you are using the Yaesu FT-1802 you need to cut/remove R8 otherwise when the TT3 transmits it doesn't activate the PTT on the radio. Once I did that the TT3 is working great, as well as the GPS!
- (2009-05-06)

Karl - VK7HDX (2009-05-06)
I have had my Tiny Trak-3 running for over 2 years now in my RV and it never lets me down.
Andy - G4TNU (2009-05-04)
Have been using the MT8000FA now for over a year on foot and in car. A further unit has been used on motorcycle for Raynet exercises. They have delivered exemplary results from a very small form factor which makes them so easy to deploy.
Grover - K7TP (2009-05-03)
I just received a MT-AIO and I am impressed. It's a very nice package and with its self-contained battery pack should prove to be a very handy rig to have along.
Mike Tyler - KE7DIF (2009-05-02)
I have had the TinyTrak-3, TinyTrak-3 Plus for almost four years and most recently the MicroTrak-TT4 and MicroTrak- 8000 FA. Also I have the MicroAmp 3 and the MicroVolt 12. They all have worked as expected. I love the MicroTrak-TT4 with the display and the PS2 keyboard jack and telemetry. Such wonderful additions to already smartly designed and very functional products. Byon at Byonics and Alan at VHS are doing a wonderful job. I highly recommend these products especially the TinyTrak3- Plus if you are just starting out, it is so easy to configure and works great!. Byon has answered my email questions quickly and I get my orders delivered just a few days afer they are placed. Be sure to check out the Yahoo groups, there is lots of great info to be found there as well.
Patrick - LX3PR (2009-04-24)
I am still using the TinyTrak3 that I bought more than 5 years ago. A nice product and absolutely no problem so far. What about a Micro-Trak AIO with external GPS? That would be nice for in car installation. Anyway, I am quite sure that I will test the Micro-Trak AIO in the near future.
Ron - VK7HRM (2009-04-15)
I have two TinyTrak3 and have just purchased the Micro Trak AIO .All great products and excellent International Express delivery to Australia
John - G0GCQ (2009-04-06)
Ordered three self-contained units which were sent via International Express delivery. Excellent service and the products are of the highest standard. They worked straight out of the box ~ no problems! Great!
Joe - KJ9M (2009-04-04)
Absolutely magnificent! Have been running the TinkTrak3Plus with GPS2 combo into a used Motorola two-channel Radius I got at a bargain and powered down to 10-watts just for APRS. It works so well I will be briefing our ARES/SKYWARN group about the advantages of having these aboard all mobiles in the county to get best placement of spotters from the EOC to observe incoming severe weather systems - at an affordable price. Bravo Zulu, Byon!
perry - ke6anm (2009-03-21)
I have 5 trakers, including the mt4. they work great and do a wonderful job, tracking and digipeating aprs signals. I even turned one of my trakers into a dog tracker, so I can keep an eye on him when he is running through the forest. I use a mt4 as a digipeater, and it works flawessly with the microamp. nice job guys, your products are AAA+++
Bjornstad - LA8JRA (2009-03-18)
Thanks for the nice product, i own 3 TT4. I have mounted display on two! Works just perfect, and runs with low power consumption. I use my units for TNC, Digipeater and Tracker. Keep up the good work! 73's LA8JRA, Norway
Zsolt - M6UAV (2009-03-15)
I have been using TinyTrak3Plus with the HAiCOM HI-204III Mini-DIN GPS Receiver and a Yaesu VX-7R. I bought it as a KIT and it was easy to assemble and set up by following the detailed documentation. I constructed the cables for my radio based on the description of TinyTrak Yahoo Groups. TT3+ performs very well !!! 73 from Windsor, UK
Lindy - WW5AA (2009-03-03)
I have been using the Tiny Trak3 for two years in the car and airplane without a problem. Simple and inexpensive it does the job! I just ordered the TT4. 73 de Lindy
Peter - HB9JAQ (2009-02-28)
After having purchased two TinyTrak3s several months ago and using them successfully in conjunction with my IC-92 and IC2200H transceivers I decided to purchase another product from Byonics: the Micro-Trak AIO. This handy little tracker is more than worth every dollar of it's price! Today I used it the first time in an aircraft on a local flight. I have put it on the dashboard of the Cessna 152 without any external antenna. shows that nearly every transmission was captured by a ground station and was fed into the internet. I'm running the unit now for four consecutive days on 8 HiMH rechargable batteries and it still works like a charm. The GPS module locks on the sky sigs like a greased lightning. No more hanging cables in the vehicle. No more empty battieries after a couple of hours. Simply take the precious Pelican case with its superb content, switch it on, put in in the vehicle and forget it. APRS tracking never was easier... THANKS BYON from Switzerland!!
Larry - KD6FFN (2009-02-24)
PIC-CON for fox hunting several years in California, then two MT-AIO trackers for sled dog racing in northern Minnesota, and recently a Tiny Trak 4 as an APRS digipeater in Minnesota and soon another TT4 as an APRS tracker. What great products! Much thanks to Byon for all his excellent, patience, service and support as he is always there to help. I definitely will be purchasing more products and recommending his products for use in our northern Minnesota amateur group APRS program for Itasca County. Thanks Byon!
Stan Schulze - K7AIX (2009-02-02)
Just bought the TinkTrak3+ with GPS2 combo, built and ready to go with a few Byonics cables. ( I love "Turn Key") Starting with Zero level knowledge of APRS as it relates to a tracking station, I was up and running in no time and watching the tracking data on All Byonics hardware was perfect with great support when asking questions. WOW! I am coming back for more.
Geert - ON1DQD (2009-01-27)
The TT3+ kit was very easy to build and works directly. I have struggle for some days to let my GPS work with TinyTrak but that was not TT fault. Thanks for making this fantastic kit available for our Ham's. BTW: Byon gives great support. 73's Geert de ON1DQD
Steve - VK2ZSZ (2009-01-26)
I Bought the TT4 kit a few weeks ago. I must say that it is a fantastic APRS "platform". I am having great fun experimenting with its TNC and APRS decode functions. Earlier I had purchased a TT3 kit, and it has been running for a couple of years without fault. Byon (and/or his team) are very quick to ship orders to Australia. Due to my great experiences with Byonics, I have Just made my third purchase. I have no doubt it will be every bit as good as the previous ones.
daniel - kc9mym (2009-01-10)
i just love what oyu have here hope to buy some soon 73's
Ron Handke - K9EOC (2009-01-08)
I have yet to find a problem with any of the Byonics devices, the All in One tracker is a device that does it all, SAR gound, Water, Mobil. Built well and preforms as any commercial unit would.
Terry Drake - KD5JPB (2009-01-06)
I've been using the TinyTrak3 for about two years. Great product, wonderful tech support.
Derek McIntyre - N4DBM (2008-12-27)
Regarding the WXTrak - Had the wife order me one for Christmas this year. Interfaced it to a Peet 800 for a remote location that doesn't have internet connection. Works very well, extremely simple and dependable, let lots of capability stored in that little PIC chip. You just can't beat it for the price. What a nice unit! Thanks Byonics. I wanted this unit because I knew it would hold up to my expectations like both of my Tiny Track 3's.
Doug Robbins - W5DUG (2008-12-11)
I purchased a tinytrack3+ and it worked great for a few months, then I tried to reprogram the chip and it seems that I probably blew the serial input to the chip! (old laptop, tried to reprogram without taking the tinytrak out of the car, my fault for sure) I emailed Byon and explained the problem. He sent me a replacement chip the next day at no charge! Talk about excellent customer service--Byonics is # 1 !! The new chip fixed the problem and I can't tell you how nice it is to have a company that stands behind thier excellent product. Great customer support. Doug W5DUG
Dave Lathrop - KB3RRL (2008-11-24)
MT-AIO, v 1.2, works exactly as described. Used on kayak trips down the west coast and Chesapeake Bay / Potomac River areas! Higly portable and easy to operate. When new to the field, Byon was especially helpful to me.
Merv - VK3KAW (2008-11-18)
Placed order on Thursday.. and GPS2 was on doorstep on Tuesday.... excellent service... now I need to get it hooked up and running. Really great service and product. Merv. VK3KAW
Jim Childress - KE5JCN (2008-11-14)
11/3/08 Yes everything went very well and we even look forward to the next BSA Fox Hunt. Thank you for a great, versatile, product that really makes an impression on everyone - including the older hams. I intend to give you all A's on product and especially the service and support which you have given so freely. I have been in business for over thirty years and have yet to find a company that even comes up to your service and support plateau. After assembling the kit and being unable to activate it, you provided almost instant e mail trouble shooting. When I thought all was lost, you requested I return it for testing. Being unable to find the problem, you sent an assembled PicCon (all at no additional cost) in time for the BSA FOX HUNT. This type of product support is impossible to find. Thank you. Regards, Jim KE5JCN
Michael Stratton - km1ke (2008-11-08)
Byon has continually developed high quality electronic projects for the ham community. His prices have always been fair and very reasonable. And of course all of his products work to his specs or better. The kits are so much fun to build. Documentation is outstanding. I have made and am using most all of his kits. I use them in my cars. boat, and house. Keep up the good work Byon.. thanks for all you efforts...73's
Tim - KC5LFD (2008-11-06)
8000 Fa has been flying with me in my Glider all summer and my friends love to track me when I am flying. Once set in my baggage compartment all I do is turn on the power and forget it. I love it.
Christos - SV7BVZ (2008-10-29)
I have received the TT4+GPS2, works as specified, the software is very good with clear instruction.I will buy another one soon. Thanks Byon!!!
Jay - W5WHN (2008-10-20)
MT-AIO works as specified. I have used my MT-AIO during Marathons, hiking and in the vehicle with no problems. The software is easy to understand and the MT-AIO follows the KISS principle.
Dan - NFPE (2008-10-16)
MT-AIO!!! What a great product!!! Flawless! Fun to use and runs forever on a set of batteries when set to 2 watts output. As solid as my 7 year old TT3. every camper\hiker\outdoors person needs one!!! Thanks Byon!
Gene Youn - n9mxq (2008-10-05)
Finished my 3rd kit, another TT3+ with GPS2. Received 4 days after I ordered. Really like the new case with the cutout for the DB9's with the securing nuts. Now just have to find some.
Phil - VK7JJ (2008-10-03)
I've received: fast reliable delivery and a great deal of satisfaction with 1 x TT3 and 2 x TT3+ over three years. Excellent products with excellent documentation; thanks Byon!
Roman - OK1BF (2008-09-24)
Hi, I bought TinyTrak3+ for mobile APRS. Excellent product and customer service. I look forward to purchasing many more products. Thanks, Byon and 73 from Czech Republic!
Keith Harvey - VA3KRV (2008-09-11)
Once again Byon delivers! I just finished a "remote weather station" project, modifying a TT3 with a WXTrak chip, a Kenwood h/t and a WX200. Byon quickly answered a question re changing icons, and another "Byonics" project up and running. Many Thanks Byon....
Ben Lindner - VK5JFK (2008-09-06)
I purchased my TinyPack for my Davis Wx station and cable for my IC281 and it worked first time just running the configuration program. I now have a spare 9612+ to play with. Will purchase again for sure. Well done Byon
Gary - KC8YJJ (2008-09-05)
I purchased the PicCon this spring to use at a Boy Scout Summer camp. Counting building and programming, it took about an hour. The kids had a blast doing foxhunts! I also wanted to try the TinyTrak4 for SAR and also personal use. It went together in about the same time. I will now buy others. Both kits/directions/programming are first rate! Looking at my KPC3 and wondering why?
Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux - VA2TCV (2008-08-19)
I used the Microtrak 8000FA in the design for the EDGAR1 balloon payload and our team got excellent results, with continuous operation past 90,000 feet in extreme cold temperatures. Great device, well designed and easy to integrate. Still works after crashing down :)
Costas - SV4FFL (2008-08-18)

Minor - TI2YO (2008-08-14)
I have one in use with my WX station for about 3 years and is still working good. Also the support is very good.
ARMAGAN - TB4CJH (2008-08-10)
marcus - n5omv (2008-08-04)
this kit (tt3plus) was not only alot of fun to build , ( made me look like an electronic guennis !!) but had a probluem with the epprom , and byon said send it in !!! has not only replaced it but was willing to go the extra mile to get me going , thanks byon , will be ordering more in futer !!
John - N6VCW (2008-07-30)
The TinyTrak3Plus was easy to build, as were the null modem and radio interface cables. Everything worked perfectly the first time. Having wiring diagrams available on their Website is a nice feature, too. Byonics puts out good products.
Andy - 2E0XAC (2008-07-21)
My first radio construction project and it worked first time so I went on to build another as a 4D. Excellent kit, excellent instructions.
Paul - K6FRC (2008-06-30)
I know, the PicCon was developed for 'foxes' used for transmitter hunting. I've bought and built 7 kits. But, I use a couple of them for my unattended 10m beacons. The nice thing about the PicCon is that using a simple receiver, I can feed audio from the receiver to the PicCon and have full remote control over my remote located beacons. I program callsign into the PicCon and put it in CW mode, then use the PicCon to key the beacon. Then, with the receiver audio connected, I can come up on VHF or UHF and turn the beacon on or off and reprogram the keying string, right from the comfort of home. And, Shhhh... Don't tell the FCC... A PicCon has been used as the remote control on a commercial FM station. Shhh!! Thanks, Byon!
Diego - IV3WSV (2008-06-29)
TT4 is Fantastic! Too easy to build, I've build it in less than 2 hours. I will try iy next week during a cicles competition. Great BIG BYON!!!!!!! Thanks for all
Daniel - VA7DRM (2008-06-15)
I can not keep from telling people how great the TT4 is! I just tried the LCD firmware and it works great! Can't wait until a keyboard is added! Thanks again Byon.
Keith Howell - G4YKE (2008-06-10)
We bought 2 TinyTrak4s for our RAYNET (emergency communications) group. These units are to be built into cases for quick installation into non-RAYNET vehicles eg ambulances. The kits arrived promptly and were complete and easy to assemble. They both worked first time. We're very pleased to see the latest firmware includes digipeating. The 'burst after PTT' feature is going to be very useful to enable us to use APRS and voice traffic on the same frequency. Keep up the good work Byon!!
Robert Kunze - DD5AN (2008-06-01)
Hi purchased a TinyTrak3+ and for mobile APRS and a TinyTrak 4 to use new functions. Both traks are working very well. Now i hae load the new TinyTrak4 display firmware on the tinytrak4 and it works fine. Im waiting for new features in the tinytrak4. Many thanks for this APRS solutions.
Tim Messer - W9TAM (2008-05-20)
I purchased a TinyTrak3 for mobile APRS use shortly after getting my ticket in 2004. Byon's setup instructions were easy to understand and follow; the TT3 worked great on a cross-country road trip. Since then, I have purchased additional products (including a TT3+, GPS and cables) and have recommended Byonics in any conversation where APRS has come up. Thanks for providing inexpensive, simple APRS solutions with great products and service!
Harley Burton - N5BFB (2008-05-13)
I purchased a TinyTrak3 and combined it with my very old Wilson MkIV, a homebuilt 10W Power Amplifier and an old Rockwell Jupiter GPS. It works fantastic. My only problems were not enough transmit power till I put the amplifier on it. It is a homebuilt piece of stuff. A 2N6082 pulled out of an old radio. It's an old design but it works.
Bill - N6SGX (2008-05-07)
I must say, Thought it woud be a big effort. I was wrong. The TT3 works well on my wifes car (KG6KXM) and the Microtrac on my Harley is performing very well. I still have one more call sign in the home and his car will also have TT3 soon. It was a pleasure working with Byon and I look forward to our future dealings. Hope to meet up with you when I ride to Vegas. You can see me & my installation at Check it out and I highly recomend this product. Kudoos Byon!
AEK.PK - HS8GLJ (2008-04-28)
TinyTrak3 Very Good
Daniel - VA7DRM (2008-04-27)
I just got my next TinyTrak4, I had it assembled and running in 30min! Works great! I like it better then a KPC-3+ Because you can upgrade the firmware for FREE. I am always checking for new firmware!
Ray Wells - VK2TV (2008-04-23)
Excellent pre-despatch service and advice, and just five days delivery to Ausralia. The kit and instructions look great. Byon certainly knows what customer service means.
Chris - KD4AHM (2008-04-21)
Byonics kits rock! So easy to build. Documentation is excellent. Solid performers. Just built the PicCon for a foxhunt- Love it! My TT3 has been on the air for 3+ years- no problems. Can't wait to build the next kit!
Daniel - VA7DRM (2008-04-20)
I will rate this as five stars! I just got one of the TinyTrak4, from the very first time I saw the TT4 I knew it was worth the money! and the more I use It the more I like it, Like I just found out about the waypoint out put for my Garmin 3+ What that means is that you can see your friend on the screen of your GPS! I Look forward to when they make a Micro-Trak 400 using the TT4. I like it so much I am going to get one more!
Matt - KE6ALM (2008-04-14)
I use TinyTrak 3's for APRS support during race events. The kits are easy to assemble and set up, and if you follow the directions carefully, will probably work on the first try. The configuration software could use a little improvement, but it is functional (I always manually read the data out of the chip after I program it to make sure it's right; I've had some bad programming happen). I definitely recommend Byon's products, good bang for the buck!
robert fitzpatrick (bob) - kb5sqg (2008-04-14)
Andy - IK2HNG (2008-04-14)
Great! It was easy to build and i was online at my first attempt!
Glen - K5GED (2008-04-13)
I bought the TT3 to use with my IC2-AT and later got the PocketTracker which makes a compact package with my Garmin eTrex. Very few problems, and Byon straightened them out lickity-split (that's fast in Southern). I use them mostly when flying my Powered Parachute (better than ADS-B !! ) 73- Fly Safe
Andrew - KE5GDB (2008-04-11)
Well, I bought my TT3+ (TinyTrak3+), and I've been enjoying it since I bought it. I had a little issues at first, but they were all my fault (dead batteries). I am very impressed with it, and I'd recommend it to anybody who asked. Don't hesitate to buy one.
Stephan - la7coa (2008-03-27)
TT3+ is WORKING!!There is many systems on the marked today,if you whant PnP go for byonics systems!!this is a greate system and im using on yaesu vx7,8900 and 857
GENE - W7RMC (2008-03-23)
Stew - AE5AI (2008-03-21)
Ordered Tinytrak4. Using it with VX-3R and GPS 18 OEM. Works finer than a frog hair split 3 ways. Great kit to build.
Kris - W2FLR (2008-03-14)
Excellent Product (TinyTrak3Plus Built and GPS2 Combo) surpassed only by the outstanding customer service. Thank you Byon. I look forward to purchasing many more products. 73
Thomas - KE6NWM (2008-03-06)
I ordered the TinyTrak4 and other parts. Everything was shipped quickly and arrived in 2 days. The build was quick and easy, and FUN!
Peter - DL1NER (2008-02-28)
I am On Air whis my TinyTrack3+. It works perfect. I use a Haicom HI-204III GPS Mouse. I am in Service as DL1NER-9 Thanks Byon for great Service. Greetings from Germany. Vy 73 de Peter DL1NER
Alan Mears - M0TEC (2008-02-24)
After owning the TT3+ for less than 2 weeks I decided to purchase the TT4 as I was so impressed. This time however I was forced to build the unit myself! The build went ok, with a couple of minor errors on my part, and after rectification worked on first power up. (Thanks Richard) :-) Looking forward to the advanced functionality of the TT4. Thanks again Byon. Sterling work, by a true gentleman
Richard - 2E0RNT (2008-02-23)
I bought tt3+ kit and instructions are excellent great fun to build so i then bought a TT4 again build quality first class and first class service when you have any problems or need advise very quick on replys. Once again Byon keep up the good work and sure to deal again (uk supplied).
Shawn - VE6TEQ (2008-02-19)
Bout the TT3 kit. Put it together in about an hour. Works great.
Allan - N5LKJ (2008-02-17)
I just ordered the new TinyTrak4 kit and GPS2 and received them within 3 days. Yesterday I assembled the kit and it was very straight forward. Today I connected it up to a radio and put it into service... Thanks for a great product...
Alan - M0TEC (2008-02-10)
I have just purchased a Tinytrak3+ and Byonics GPS2 from Byon. With the help of my good friend Richard (2E0RNT) both units are now doing a sterling job at allowing my xyl to trace my every move ;-). Excellent product and customer service from a real gentleman. Delivery to the U.K very fast indeed. Thanks Byon, I am sure we will deal again!
Jim Tiner - KC2KDY (2008-02-07)
I bought my TinyTrak3 v1.1 back in the spring of 2003. Just this week I finally got it on air! OK, I'm a procrastinator! The unit works great, and I'm having a lot of fun telling family and friends how to look my station up on the web site. Thanks for a great product.
John - K0EBC (2008-02-02)
As one of the beta testers of the TT4 I had the opportunity to share information with a fantastic group. Byon listened to our finds and comments and developed a product with features and a price no one can beat. Thanks team and a Super Thanks to Byon.
Scott Evans - VK7HSE (2008-02-01)
I have a TinyTrak3 that i purchased back in 2004 still going strong! and recently have been beta testing the new TinyTrak4 (beta5) this too has been a reliable little unit! Buy one today! :)
Russ Clifton - KG6SYK (2008-01-28)
I have purchased the DSP-RDF and a TinyTrak3 and found them to be excellent kits. Your shipping,sales, and support for the kits is outstanding. Thank you!
Mark Kelley - W0BG (2008-01-21)
I purchased by TinyTrak3Plus last Summer. It has run flawlessly since that time with just about daily use. It's small and easy to use. I highly recommend it!
Gene Young - n9mxq (2008-01-12)
Just finished my second kit.. This time a TinyTrak3Plus with GPS2.. Darn little monster was trying to transmit it\'s location before I finished the configuration... Love these kits! (and this time I didn\'t burn myself! ;-)
Willy - F0ESV (2008-01-08)
1 week to receive in France into a good package and I`m ready with my TMD700 + GPS1 and the GPS Power Adapter with Kenwood D700A/D7A Interface. Thanks for your serious, Best 73`s de F0ESV - Willy
DAN BAKER - N4GXE (2008-01-04)
John Chamberlain - AC5CV (2007-12-21)
Very pleased with the TinyTrak. Working with W5NCD, have put the TT3 into the battery case of the IC-V8 (2m handheld) giving a tracker that runs with 12V cigarette adapter, serial GPS, and coax to 2m antenna. Nicely transportable, and 5-watts output great for APRS! Thanks, Byon!
Richard Cook - W2RAC (2007-11-25)
Loved my PicCon so much I purchased a 2nd one. Great for our fox hunting parties!! Thanks Byonics.
Gene Young - n9mxq (2007-11-17)
Built my kit (TT3) last weekend. Great fun.. Fired up on first power up. Configured flawlessly and went straight to the van. Will be ordering again!
Dan Greathouse - N8NBC (2007-11-15)
Being a Hot Air Ballon Pilot you Tiny trak has helped myself and my crew in 3 Long Jumps averaging 130 miles at up to 70 MPH in a Hot air balloon. My tiny tracker does a great job in sub zero temps and my all ham crew has been there at every landing thanks to you.
Dick Fournier - Kc9fk (2007-11-12)
Best little dvice on the market
Juan Cristobal Encinas - EA3NP (2007-11-09)
Recently I have bought the TT3plus and Microtrak 300, the payment and shipping have been without problems, the operation with my Yaesu FT-7800 is perfect. 73 from Spain.
Jeffery M. Gergal - WX8U (2007-11-07)
I have ordered all the Tiny Tracks from the first release and they have all performed without a problem. First rate support and documentation. My WXtrak also operates well and can be seen on wx8u-15. Given the various skills levels of those putting together the kits and problems Byon has done a good job with support and clear instructions. I have built many projects and this was a pleasure again and again. First class kits for first time builders and the experienced as well. 73 Jeff
Ray Gibson - WB7OKX (2007-11-04)
I ordered the TinyTrak3Plus with Byonics GPS2 built and tested, great product & fast shipping, great job Byon. The only problems I had were my own, I read about R8 when ordering the cable for my Yaesu FT-1802 but forgot to remove/cut it. The TinyTrak3Plus works great, the software works great, I am one happy customer. Thanks again Byon.
perry chamberlain - ke6anm (2007-11-03)
WOW, nice to buy a kit that does exactly what its supposed to do. (micro-trak) I was scepticle that this tiny device would actually get the signal out, but a few moment after turning it on, bam, there I was on, and I'm way out in the Mojave desert. I love this thing. Save time, and order the null modem adapter cable, and the antenna so you don't have to hunt around for it at the big box stores.The gps2 worked perfect too and freed up my hand held gps. I just got back on line and picked up assorted cables and the AP03 power down module so I wont have to worry about my battery in my car dying. I'm going to order a micro-trak for my camper trailer and all my cars. This is a very cool product, great job Byon...... PS: I agree with the comment about the mounting box for the micro trak, I would buy it in a heart beat.
Aaron - N6ACA (2007-10-21)
I've been using the TinyTrak3Plus for about a year and a half with no problems and put together the MicroTrak 300 kit earlier this year. The kits work the first time you power them up. Thanks for such fun products!
Gregg - W5LMW (2007-10-12)
Our club wanted to start having some fox hunts but we had no fox. After some web searching I found this site and the PicCon. I recieved the kit 2 days after ordering and had it assembled within an hour. I mated it to an Icom 2at I had got off of Ebay for $25. I then mounted the rubber duck to the lid of a 50cal. ammo can. This setup works very well, in use a couple of years. Thanks for a great product.
Barry - G8SAU (2007-10-11)
Few problems getting a PC that would talk to it but once that was solved (RS232 - TTL issues) my TT3+ programed fine. hope to install to my Fishing Boat look for me in the North Sea
Joe - KA1MZY (2007-10-05)
Amazing product (micro8000). All you need is to offer a mounting box for the micro trackers, and your product will be complete!
Don - KK9H (2007-10-02)
I have built a number of APRS trackers for myself and members of my local radio club. Both the TinyTrak3 and TinyTrak3 Plus have been easy to interface with many different radios. Once properly set up, they work very reliably. They are really neat products.
James Jarvis - KB0THN (2007-09-17)
I received the PicCon from you today, built it in about 15 minutes, and found it to work great. Thanks for the great kit!
Kostas - 5B4AIR (2007-09-09)
GPS2 is just PERFECT !!! Very sensitive Very quick. Shiping was very fast also. Thanks Byonics
Xavier - F8BSY (2007-09-08)
Tinytrak3Plus is a fantastic product... The GPS2 is very sensitive, (SiRFstar III chipset) works even inside the home !!!! wonderful! Satellite acquisition: immediately Many Thanks Byonics !!
Miguel - HB9TQM (2007-09-03)
Great, now i can't get lost We used it also for a weatherbaloon, we ware able to track it, till 10km of hight. Next time we will go higher :D
Juan Munoz - TG9AJR (2007-08-29)
Great products: MicroTrak8000 + Byonics GPS1 ! Keep the good work, congratulations.
Reb - G0CJM (2007-08-28)
TT3PlusCombo is an impressive tool, which keeps us on screen of all who are monitoring are whereabout esp for emergencies. Thanks, Byon.
Gary - W2CEA (2007-08-27)
FANTASTIC Products, Micro-Trak 8000 and Byonics GPS. Great Technical support.
Tullio Rupil - 9A2RI (2007-08-23)
Very Good product 73
Peter VEnlet - N8YEL (2007-08-15)
Micro-Trak 8000 working flawlessly! Showed it off at our local club meeting where it met with several o-ooo's, a-hhh's and wows! You'll be getting some calls for sure! Great product! Thanks!
Brad - WF7T (2007-08-10)
Received the Micro-Trak and Byonics brand GPS...Works like a champ the first time out. Great product and highly recommended. PS: my old TinyTrak3 works great too! Thanks for some great gear!
Derek McIntyre - N4DBM (2007-08-03)
The Tiny Track is a must. We have been impressed by the dependability and simple operation of this unit and would recommend it to anyone.
Pat Kilroy - N8PK (2007-08-03)
The Micro-Trak 300 performed well on my SimSat-3 high-altitude balloon flight in July 2007. It was the first time I used the MT300 for flight and it looks like it will fly again. See some results of SimSat-3 at until the next flight.
Mike - VE6ZAP (2007-08-02)
Purchased two TT3+ units. This is a beautiful little kit. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Took just under an hour to build each kit. Very nice product! Thanks! 73
steve bowyer - wz7e (2007-07-29)
TT3 ordered, received, installed, tested and working all in 3 days time. A fine product for a very reasonable price. Thanks Byon
David - G8UVE (2007-07-23)
Because many of my friend are using the TT3+ I purchased a TT3+ The Traker works fine with my friends Etrex but not with MY Etrex, the GPS valid light will no light Any Pointers would be helpful Certainly no complaints about the Tiny Trak A first class piece of kit Thanks 73s David
Brek - KC0YOE (2007-07-22)
I built one of the earlier Micro-Track 300 kits. I flew it on a high altitude balloon to nearly 80,000 ft. It worked all the way up and all the way back. Thanks for your great products and great support.
Alan - W1ABT (2007-07-17)
I have had my Combo Tracker plus and deulo gps they work just fine the Hams in Tallahassee are very impressed. Thank you Byon for a great product!!
Mario - HB9RLW (2007-07-16)
The best unit: Tiny Trak 3 was I build , works 100% at first moment. Thanks ! 73
Jefferson Fernandes - PU2PYC (2007-07-14)
Uso a tiny track3 e estou muito satisfeito, a minha fica ligada 24 horas ja fazem 6 meses sem nenhum problema. 73 for All! >>> Brazil <<<
Gary - KB1AWI (2007-06-25)
HT radio and serial connection was wired and on the air in an hour. Thank you for the speedy delivery. 73
John - KD6GKD (2007-06-20)
Hooked it up to my Garmin GPS, and HTX-202 handheld radio, and it worked perfectly the first time out. Had some problems with my cable, and Byon was nice enough to help me resolve the problem by testing my device. Device was fine, of course - it was my serial cable that was the problem... Thanks Byon!
Christopher Roy - KC2HSU (2007-06-06)
I just installed the TinyTrack3Plus and it is a great unit. The best part is that I received it in only two days and I live across the country! I am very pleased with this unit, the price, the size and the connectivity. Simply put, it's a great inexpensive alternative for position reporting.
James Weber - KCØYEF (2007-05-21)
I have been using the TT3 for a couple months and just appreciate that it just works all the time everyday. Glad to help you Beta anytime James
Daniel - AI4QX (2007-05-07)
TinyTrakIII is wonderful. Easy to put together and good documentation. After a few tweaks to interface with my radio I was on the air. Setup SW is simple to use and also well documented. I'm looking forward to seeing what is on the horizon at Byonics.
Bob - WA8YCD (2007-04-30)
Super products, Quick service. Byon had exactly what I needed in cables!
Kris - KI6IUC (2007-04-27)
Awesome! Got the TinyTrak3 for my rally car ( I bought the kit w/GPS and soldered it up in an hour. The interface cable I got for my Icom worked great (powerpoles rock) and the unit was configured and transmitting the first time out without tweaking anything! Build it yourself satisfaction!
Lorne Anderson - VE1BXK (2007-04-19)
Interfaced TinyTrak3 plus to a Vertex FTL-2011 VHF. Works perfect !!! Thanks again!
Matt - K5WXL (2007-04-03)
I have been an owner of the tinytrak3 for over a year now. I enjoy this product so much I ordered a tiny trak3 Plus
Einar - SM5CBC (2007-03-27)
I have built more than twenty (20) TinyTrak3 and the Plus version. Never failed! Thats great thanks to you Byon and me, hi!
Dave - N0TRQ (2007-03-25)
I have to ammend my comment a bit, after tweaking R6 to the proper level, changing the 200K ohm R5 out with a 10K resistor really lets the TT3+ talk, as suggested in docs a 100K was a bit louder than stock not quite enough to drive the audio, but shorting it caused a bit of clipping. A simple mod, but effective... still 300% satisfied!
Dave - N0TRQ (2007-03-22)
Purchased a TT3+ w/GPS combo built and tested, config'd it and plugged it into my mobile rig... worked great, tweaking R6 only improved overall performance. Eagerly awaiting the TT4 with digi functions! Thanks Byon!
Keith Harvey - VA3KRV (2007-03-08)
Just finished the MicroTrak300.. works as advertised! Construction easier than I thought it would be, despite "senior eyes and fingers" and teenie-tiny parts. Great little kit and fun to build.
Don Kuczenski - KB3LVX (2007-02-10)
I have been looking at the tiny trak3 plus for awhile and finally bought a Delu combo. The set up was easy with a few minor tweaks and the wiring diagrams were very helpful in making my own cables for a motorola maxtrac gm300. I have since purchased another Tiny Trak 3 and I am looking into buying a WXTrak. This is a great product!
Bill Mungaven - N6WJM (2007-01-21)
I bought 2 TT3s: 1 for my car, 1 for my work van. Byon shipped both units quickly. I had both units assembled and working in less than 3 hours. Both units worked the first time. I had no trouble with either units' programming. They both work with a old Kenwood TR2400 HT, a Kenwood TM-221a, a Kenwood TR-7800 and Yaesu FT-2400. I didn't have to make any internal adjustments to make them work. Thanks for a great product.
Russ Logar - KC2LSB (2007-01-14)
I purchased the TinyTrak3 last week. Received it promptly. Kit is a breeze to put together. Instructions are super. On-site wiring diagram for programming cable was a real help. Had the whole thing up and running in an afternoon. Great value for the price. Currently experimenting with APRS for ARES work. Thanks, Russ, KC2LSB ARES EC, Queens COunty NY.
Rob - K0RU (2007-01-11)
Installed the TinyTrak3Plus yesterday (took about 30 minutes, never used APRS before in my life) fired it up did the calibration of the deviation & CD it works like a charm. Made my first all day trip for work today from Kansas City, KS to Springfield, MO and back and it work perfect. I only Operate CW in the Truck and use the TinyTrak3Plus to post my position on the net for others to see. Love it! Thanks for a wonderful product! Best purpose I've found for a 2 meter rig. Rob - K0RU
Scott - KBNLY (2007-01-10)
Great little unit after i got through some initial hickups. Works good every time! For those interested in using it with a Motorola Maxtrac or Radius mobile have a look at my website, Radio Mods, and then the Maxtrac and Radius Page. All you need to know!
Steve Black - KB1CHU (2007-01-03)
Good product.Fast shipping.Simple setup. Worked first time. On the air in minutes. What more can you ask for? After using a Tiny Trak 3 for a year my son-in law "borrowed" it giving me a chance to buy a Tiny Trak Plus.
Bob - VK2BYF (2006-12-13)
I put the kit together in less than an hour and configured it. It worked perfectly first time. A bargain
Joel - N6OLN (2006-12-06)
I have been using my Tiny Trak 3 for close to two years now, with no problems whatsoever. I use it with my old HTX-202 and a Garmin E-trex.
Roberto - iw5bsf (2006-12-05)
Very Good Byonics service 73 de Roberto italy
Leo - DO9NNO (2006-12-03)
I own a Tiny Track 3 and I like it. The service of Byonics is superb! The next thing I want to buy is a Micro-Trak 300 with the european frequencie. 73 from Germany
Shinichi - JM1CZS (2006-11-15)
Very Good! Thans BYONICS
Keith Harvey - VA3KRV (2006-11-15)
Just ordered the GPS to add to my 2 vehicle Tracker 3/ 3+ system. Great products and excellent support.
TJ Burbank - KE7EYY (2006-10-21)
This is my second TinyTrak 3+ and I am very impressed and the size and functionality that this APRS tracker has. A+++ Customer Service and Impressive response to emails.
Will Perry - WA6LDQ (2006-10-08)
Byon produces great products! I'm very pleased with all the TT's I have built. My favorite is the TT3 SMT which I managed to put inside of a Yaesu FT-23r handie talkie. Just plug in a GPS and it works great! I call it my "poor man's D7"!
Dave Dobbins - K7GPS (2006-10-06)
Couldn't wait for the TT4, so bought (another) TT3+. These are great gizmos. The SmartBeacon feature really makes it useful in my tracker packages. Good work.
Cameron Stotz - K6CAM (2006-09-20)
Just ordered my TinyTrak3Plus and Deluo GPS. Can't wait to get the APRS stuff going!
Michael McHenry - N0RZN (2006-09-18)
Great diversity or product knowledge, expertise, and APRS interests. I would highly recommend as KC5TRB utilizes your products and referred your site to me.
Brad Morford - KD7YTJ (2006-09-16)
Got all the bugs out and hooked up to bus and it works better than the my Kenwood HT and user friendly. So I ordered 1 more
Wim Fournier - PH7WIM (2006-09-05)
I had a problem with the PIC not being able to send over rs-232 anymore. I received a new PIC within a week from Byonics, great service!
Aaron - KI6BYJ (2006-08-25)
I have been running my TinyTrac3Plus for about five months now with no problems. It is so easy to configure and interface. Thanks for a great product!
Bill Lemmon - KA4TWK (2006-08-20)
Just received the prebuilt TinyTrac3Plus with cables and the DeluoGPS. Configured it and attached it to my old Realistic 202....Works like a champ... Thanks for helping me build a tracker so quickly... Bill ka4twk
JAN ERIK - ELA8PV (2006-08-09)
Bob Ehrhorn - KD6GNB-1 (2006-07-27)
Byon, Thank's for all the help on the Tiny Trak 3 It works great. I have worked many events with this since I have installed APRS and it always works great. Thank You, Bob.
patrick cadek - F1OFF (2006-07-20)
fantastic work thanks for all groups byonics
Leo - VK3BSX (2006-06-19)
The TinyTrak3 kit including board and instructions is of outstanding quality reminiscent of Heathkit years ago.
Scott - N3UJJ (2006-05-22)
I just ordered my 3rd TinyTrak III, Byon's support and service fantastic. The TinyTrak is a outstanding product that I would recomend to anyone interested in getting involved with APRS. Thank You Byon, for a wonderful product, and your outstanding service.
Lloyd - kc0jbn (2006-04-29)
It came to me fast and it works great. I get every turn and it shows me every thing and where I go.It is a little smaller than I thought it would be but that is not a bad thing. I got it stored in a nice little hide away.I have it in my truck and I will be getting another one for on the Motorcycle I ride.Thanks for the great tiny-tracker 3 plus.
Javier - VA3TAJ (2006-04-22)
Super easy to set it up and easy to interface with a home brew cable following directions available on the internet, it works great.
Joseph Gadus - KE5BVQ (2006-04-21)
Byon is a great guy. I had some problems with the tiny tracker and i shipped it to him for examination. He found a cold solder joint and repaired it. He also sent a new one just in case he missed anything else. I only wish he still had the Pocket Tracker! Thanks Byon
Tom - W4NOV (2006-04-13)
I must compliment Byon for not only his well thought-out products, but for the outstandng customer support. The TT3+ and WXTRACK are beautifully designed and constructed and when I had visual difficulties soldering the Null Modem kit, Byon "bailed me out" immediately with a pre-built replacement at his expense. As a Ham for some 54 years, it's GREAT to note that the Ham brotherhood is still alive and well and and so obviously present at BYONICS! Tom --... ...--
Geoffrey - WA4IKQ (2006-03-24)
The Byonics WxTrak serves four purposes in allowing me to get my model 2100 Peet Brothers Weather station up and running on APRS. First, it correctly trims and parses the extra long serial data string to the correct length and standard format so Kenwood TNC radios and can remotely interpet it. Secondly, it freed up my TNC for other use. Third, I can now operate my APRS Weather Station without a computer running full time. Fourth, the entire station, with the Byonics WxTrak, and HTX-202 radio is powered by a trickle-charged 12 volt battery. I measured it takes only 103 milliamps to sustain the entire system, making it eligible for solar power operation. The WxTrak and programming software make up a turn-key product. I highly recommend anyone contemplating using this kit do as I did, and purchase the inexpensive null modem adapter and USB serial cable for programming it. I found my laptop computer COM1 port did not have sufficient voltage swing or drive to be able to program the PIC, but the recommended accessory USB serial cable on COM4 did.
Kurt - N0IHC (2006-03-09)
I received my TinyTrak3 Plus within just four days. The unit really is smaller than the pictures make it out to be. But this certainly isn't a disadvantage at all but rather a real advantage! My word of advice: be darned sure you double check which clickable button you are clicking on when ordering the radio cables for your particular radio! The only problem I had was that I clicked on the wrong link and ordered a cable for Yaesu mobile radios instead of the proper one for my Realistic HTX-202!! Of course - my fault all the way. I know, I know. An Extra-Class licensee is supposed to know how to read. I do, but obviously I haven't learned how to successfully manipulate a web page to the proper area yet. Dread!! I ordered the TinyTrak3 Plus in kit form. Since I haven't soldered since getting out of the U.S. Army as an electronics technician back in the 1993, it took me a little longer than some of the others on here - about three hours max from start to finish. Parts placement is a snap with the downloadable and printable PDF owners manual (yes, I still like to have things in hard copy - sue me). This is a marvelous little kit. The SmartBeacon settings work very well and it indeed has been showing every little turn I make and at the proper times. Brilliant workmanship from Byon - I honestly believe every APRS-active ham operator should give him/her self the opportunity to put one of these together and have one on hand. They are extremely useful. I put mine in a locking stow away metal box in the old police cruiser center console I have installed in my GMC Jimmy along with the radio. Everything but the Globalsat GPS is hidden from plain site. The little flashing red LED on the Globalsat can appear frightening to anyone who is considering a theft operation on your vehicle at night. GPS receiver performs double duty here as a result: GPS receiver for APRS and expensive looking theft deterrent all for he same price hihi What can I say - GET one of these. You WILL be impressed. KDS
TJ - NS2E (2006-02-04)
TinyTrak3, PocketTracker, and now a TinyTrak3Plus, Byon makes an excellent product. His customer service, communications, and tech support are the best in the industry. Kenwood and Icom could take lessons from him! 'Really miss the PocketTrackers!
Arnie - N1BAC (2006-02-02)
I now have all three versions of TinyTrak and love them all. I recently purchased the TT3+ with the GPS and have had no problems other than the chip developing a problem. Byon replaced it immediately! The TT is so simple that I loaned it to another ham friend so that he could be tracked on a trip from NH to SC and back. Worked like a champ other than a 5-watt HT was not heard too often on the trip. Not a problem with TT3+, just not enough digis. I love the "set it and forget it" programming. I also like the low power consumption. Mine is on 24/7 with no problems with dead battery. Will be purchasing the Pocket Fox chip soon for some summer fun in one of the three TTs! Thanks for the neat and cost effective toys, Byon!
Ron - N9QGS (2006-02-01)
I was using a KPC-3 fot years, when I heard about the TinyTrak and its smart beaconing to know when im not moving and when I am, I was skeptical, it works exactly as it should for APRS, I've bought these as gifts, they work great for the size easy to hide in a vehicle or carry on your body for a human tracker for SAR events.
Dave - N8HUL (2006-01-28)
This kit rocks!! Went together quickly, had no problems. I am using a Garmin LEGEND GPS and a Kenwood 733A in the mobile. First turn out of the driveway with corner pegging turned on and transmitted perfectly. EXCELLENT product and QUALITY!! Thanks!
Matt - M1CMN (2006-01-24)
The Tinytrak is a excellent product, i have been on APRS for years, and recently played with this kit, with excellent results
David Albert - KI4HVT (2006-01-16)
New HAM, new to APRS and new to the TinyTrak. One emailed question and I was up and running in minutes. Impressed the people at work showing them my callsign on FindU. THANX!
RODNEY JENSEN - W7OJW (2006-01-14)
Tom - KD7YUR (2006-01-08)
Byonics never fails to please!!! I will use their products over and over. Quick, no hassel service. Just received my 3rd tt3 and it came to life quickly. Thanks for a great product!
Tos - JG2EGS (2005-12-17)
BR304 GPS purchased from byonics is vy fb with my TM-D700. I hope Pocket tracker will be available soon.
Ken - N6OBB (2005-12-04)
Byonics products are the BEST! Don't worry about them not working. Byon's customer service is A1, Top Shelf, & the best you'll find anywhere!
Cristian - CE3PCN (2005-11-30)
La interface es muy amigable, tanto en la programacion como en las conexiones. El envio es rapido y expedito, aparte de tener apoyo tecnico via mail. 73s
Max Chagas - PY2TK (2005-11-29)
Uso a tiny estou muto contente, muito boa mesmo!!!
Ed - KC9GWK (2005-11-18)
Got my TinyTrak3 about a week ago. Very easy to configure and use. I am a beginner in APRS and this unit was very easy to understand and use. I will buy more when needed. Support was awesome, Byonics emailed me with answers to my beginner questions.
Dan Jockisch - Kd7iTp (2005-11-12)
I have been using my TT3 for 2+ years now and works great. Very programmable. Just bought 2 more.........
Jeroen - pe1pdi (2005-11-05)
My first kit from Byonics, build it and it was working within the hour. I'm using the TT3 with a Garmin Etrex and a modified Bosch KF 163 on 144.800 (aprs Dutch), TNX, Jeroen
Brent Davenport - N7NBC (2005-11-02)
Took two hours from start to finish...had a great time putting the kit together. Didn't read the fine print the first time around but then hooked up the old null modem adapter to get the TT3 programmed and it worked like a charm. [I have to admit I expected the TT not to be so Tiny from the photograph but what a pleasant surprise.] Love the compact size and those LED's...gonna buy another one and put in my wife's car! BD
Max Silva Chagas - PU2RTN (2005-11-01)
Gostei muito da Tiny, muito fcil do usar e programar, em pouco tempo j estava com minha estao de aprs mvel funcionando. <<<< BRASIL >>>>
Axel - DD8GR / LU2HLR (2005-10-16)
TTIII as kit, assembled in 1 hour, working in 2-3 hours with an Garmin eTrex and Yaesu FT-7800, great for a new comer!
Shaun - M0UNC (2005-09-16)
Being a new comer into the world of aprs.. I fiddled around with numerous TNC's to find i could not get them to do the job in question. I purchased the TinyTrack3. I found it was easy to built and setup. maybe there were a few human input errors on the configuration part !Hi .. and on the plus side, its small enough for the peddle cycle mobile. Conclusion. One very happy cyclist.
Jackie - KG4ORX (2005-07-30)
i brouht this tiny track3 and it works greatnow they track me haha ! i order already built and please with this tiny track 3 this is killer tiny track ever put in my truck.
Jim - K8COP (2005-07-14)
Thanks for placing a TTL input into the TT3 for a GPS with only a TTL output. I just found (free) a Motorola VP Oncore GPS receiver. It nicely interfaced to the TT3 and working great!!! Also the manual is well written for setting up the unit.. Keep up the good work!
Danny - AE6MB (2005-07-13)
Low cost, QUICK shipping, easy assembly, good directions, small size, and it works great! What more can I say?
Chris - KC9DEX (2005-07-06)
I went to Dayton to get a KPC-3 and decided on the TinyTrak instead. After a few minor cable wiring glitches (my own fault), this unit performed (and is still performing) flawlessly. Great product! Easy to program and functions great. I'm pleased with its performance and would recommend it to anyone!
Fritz - DD9OJ (2005-05-18)
My TinyTrak3 works wonderful!
Tommy - KB5SOZ (2005-05-03)
After a month of e-mails with Byon, I bought an assembled TT. It has worked flawlessly, except for operator induced error, and Byon has been most patient and helpful. I now have two TTs. Good product and fantastic service.
Steve - KE7DMQ (2005-04-13)
Got the PocketTracker circuit board assembled very quickly with no issues. Had a wire pinch when I stuffed it into an Altoids tin I had. After finding that it was no problem to get it programmed and get it connected to a Garmin eTrex GPS. As an electrical engineer with 25 years industry experience, I will say that Byon and Tony have really put together a solid system with world-class documentation.
Enrico - IV3SBE / 5Z4ES (2005-04-06)
Got hold of 2 TTIII and a PicPaC, great engineering up and running in less than 30 minutes assembly job. Byon is unique in his class, a defective LCD display was replaced at no cost, He really stands behind his products. A must for every HAM around the Globe.
Jamie - N3TOY (2005-03-22)
I have been extremly impressed with all the Byonics products I own or have used. Going back to the original TinyTrak and the string translator for the old Aisin GPS. I also own a Pic-Pac. The kits are professional and the manuals are great! Byon really has his thumb on the pulse of HAM radio!
Eric - KD7CAO (2005-03-21)
I have purchased several products from Byon and have been extremely satisfied with not only the fast S/H but also the coureous reply to E-Mails and correspondence. Byon stands behind his products, something that more companies should do. I now own the Tiny Trak II and III, as well as a GST-1. Thank you.
Ryan - K2RRT (2005-03-21)
I've had three TinyTrak kits over the years. The first was a TT2 and the others where TT3's They have never given me any trouble what so ever. Assembly is a breeze. It would would make a great project for a club. I use mine almost everyday.
Jeff - KG4ZIE (2005-03-20)
I bought a tinytrak3 a few months ago. The shipping on it was one of the fastest I have seen between ebay people and various other companies. It was also very well packaged and included very excellent documentation to help me assemble it. I will say it took me a little longer to build than the time that was said but that was really my fault as I wanted to make sure I got everything perfect. It is also a great little product that does what it should. All the problems I have had with using the product are not from the product itself but from the radio/antenna I am using and my understanding of APRS. I hope to soon buy another to build into my rat shack digitraveler gps. If the other products from byonics are as good as my tinytrak then you can not go wrong. The only other thing I could say is that I am a very satisfied customer who would buy from Byonics again! Thanks for making this great kit and your other kits available. I hope you can come up with some more great kits in the future.
Geoff - VK3JDG (2005-03-19)
Great service. Purchased a TT3 and was delivered to Australia in less than a week. The TT3 was assembled in about 30min and worked first time ( and has ever since ). Very clear precise instructions. The world would be a great if all busines's ran like Byonics.
Dan - N6TDT (2005-03-19)
I bought my Tiny Trak III, assembled it and it required only a couple of minor adjustments. On my next one I will leave R-8 out and include it on the radio cables, then I can use any radio. My problem !! I want one of everything Byon has for sale
Fran - N1GAU (2005-03-19)
I bought a Tiny Tracker III fully assembled last summer. It was the easiest item to install and the software is very easy to use. I was in a hurry to get it installed as my son, N1GAT, was getting ready to take a trip from the northeast to Texas. I was going to track his progress. A week before his trip I connect the TT3 to my laptop to program it and something happened that stopped it from working. I contacted Byon and within days he sent me out a chip. Unfortunately it turned out more than that was the problem, probably cause by my laptop, and I didn't get the project done in time, but the fact that Byon provided me such quick turnaround, knowing my goal, was very impressive. He provides GREAT customer service! I am very please with his product and run it every day in my mobile. FJM
Mark - KD5RXT (2005-03-19)
Following my purchase and satisfaction with the PocketTracker from Byonics, I had a need for something to act as a "fox" in a Boy Scout Jamboree-on-the-Air radio hunt activity. I purchased a PicCon kit and found it to be very easy to assemble, and it worked the first time I applied power. I an VERY impressed with the flexibility & capability built into this product. It does its intended job very well. I subsequently purchased several more & I would highly recommend the PicCon for anyone looking for a solution to provide periodic morse code IDs (plus simple tunes) in a radio tracking activity. Please also see my other positive comments on the PocketTracker as well. MJC
Mark - KD5RXT (2005-03-19)
My first Byonics purchase was a PocketTracker (for myself, from my wife) for Christmas. It wasn't the easiest kit that I've built (as the directions clearly & fairly indicated), but it turns out to be one of the best that I've ever built. It worked the first time I applied power, it was a snap to tune, & I'm VERY impressed with how well it works for putting out so little power. I would highly recommend the PocketTracker for anyone looking for a "complete APRS solution" for use in a short to medium range tracking activity. Please also see my other positive comments on the PicCon as well. MJC