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Sean Sheedy - AI4ID (2009-06-24)
I have been buying from Byonics for several years. Byon's TinyTrak products work well and he has the lowest prices for PowerPoles that I've found. Today I ordered some power poles and a car battery low voltage protector, and asked a question on another product. The response came back in minutes and the shipping confirmation came back minutes after that. Typical for Byonics. I once had a problem with a TT3 SMT, and Byon offered to replace it without any back-and-forth. Very highly recommended not only as a vendor, but also as an example to other vendors as to how to do things right.
Mathew Ferreira - N1MJF (2009-06-18)
The TinyTrak3 kit took my a whole 15 minutes to solder and trim. Programming took about 2 minutes. I think the most time consuming part was running to radio shack to buy some db9 connectors. I wired mine up to my IC-91ad at least until a d-star machine comes up in RI. Great product! I'm already looking to see what my next Byonics kit will be!
Joop - PD0RKA (2009-06-16)
Purchased a GPS2 and TinyTrak3plus on Friday, June 12 ..and it was delivered in the Netherlands on Tuesday, June 16 in the morning!!! Within 15 minutes I was in the air with my Kenwood TH-D7 porto and no doubt my Icom 207H will share with the TinyTrak3plus soon... Great and very fast service also to Europe from Byonics!!! Thanks a lot!!! 73!!! PD0RKA / JOOP
Cody - K6MEU (2009-06-15)
Just wanted to let you know I love my Tiny Tracker 4. It was given to me by a friend who has quite a few of them back in December and it has worked great. Firmware upgrading is easy, programming is easy and installation is easy. Only thing I found is I the California heat and the tracker being on my dash, the case got a little warm and warped. No biggy. Great product! I don't leave home with out it!
Jeff - N9UUP (2009-06-15)
I purchased the GPS2 for my new Kenwood D710A. Took only a few days to show up at my door. Works great! Locks on Sats really fast, and is pretty small in size!
Phil Cyr - VE1PGC (2009-06-12)
Only took a few days and was just what was stated I will deal with with Byonics anytime
Stephan - HB9ocq (2009-06-06)
:-) 73 de Stephan
Russell Abbey - KG4MAV (2009-05-30)
I got the first TT-4 after back surgery in January 08, since then I have added 3 more and also gotten the displays that I'm fooling around with. I want to thank Byon for an excellent product and also for his support. Not to forget the folks at the TT/TT-4 Yahoo groups for their support to a guy who had never built an electronics kit before. By the way, they went together extremely easy and led me to trying other kits and stuff. Byon, thanks so much for your support and understanding and patience with a then "new guy". Russ Abbey KG4MAV-10/3,
Kurt Savegnago - KC9LDH (2009-05-25)
Use the MT 300 and 3000 to track amateur rockets. Works absolutely great. Awaiting the arrival of a BFT for vehicle tracking so the XYL cna keep tabs on where I'm at. Yeah, I don't mind.:-)
DON - N2TVP (2009-05-20)
Outstanding Product! Got my Tiny Trak 3 Plus in 3 days and was on the air within half an hour. I'm using a Garmin eTrex and HTX202 right now but plan on going to a dedicated GPS using the power out from the Tiny Trak. Unit is portable and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle easily and will even work from the saddlebag of my motorcycle! Setup couldn't have been easier, Thanks Byon!
Geoff - KB1POR (2009-05-07)
I just received the TinyTrak3Plus (got it in 2 days after ordering!), everything was packed well and looked to have been built professionally. The only issue I had was due to the radio, if you are using the Yaesu FT-1802 you need to cut/remove R8 otherwise when the TT3 transmits it doesn't activate the PTT on the radio. Once I did that the TT3 is working great, as well as the GPS!
- (2009-05-06)

Karl - VK7HDX (2009-05-06)
I have had my Tiny Trak-3 running for over 2 years now in my RV and it never lets me down.
Andy - G4TNU (2009-05-04)
Have been using the MT8000FA now for over a year on foot and in car. A further unit has been used on motorcycle for Raynet exercises. They have delivered exemplary results from a very small form factor which makes them so easy to deploy.
Grover - K7TP (2009-05-03)
I just received a MT-AIO and I am impressed. It's a very nice package and with its self-contained battery pack should prove to be a very handy rig to have along.