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ARMAGAN - TB4CJH (2008-08-10)
marcus - n5omv (2008-08-04)
this kit (tt3plus) was not only alot of fun to build , ( made me look like an electronic guennis !!) but had a probluem with the epprom , and byon said send it in !!! has not only replaced it but was willing to go the extra mile to get me going , thanks byon , will be ordering more in futer !!
John - N6VCW (2008-07-30)
The TinyTrak3Plus was easy to build, as were the null modem and radio interface cables. Everything worked perfectly the first time. Having wiring diagrams available on their Website is a nice feature, too. Byonics puts out good products.
Andy - 2E0XAC (2008-07-21)
My first radio construction project and it worked first time so I went on to build another as a 4D. Excellent kit, excellent instructions.
Paul - K6FRC (2008-06-30)
I know, the PicCon was developed for 'foxes' used for transmitter hunting. I've bought and built 7 kits. But, I use a couple of them for my unattended 10m beacons. The nice thing about the PicCon is that using a simple receiver, I can feed audio from the receiver to the PicCon and have full remote control over my remote located beacons. I program callsign into the PicCon and put it in CW mode, then use the PicCon to key the beacon. Then, with the receiver audio connected, I can come up on VHF or UHF and turn the beacon on or off and reprogram the keying string, right from the comfort of home. And, Shhhh... Don't tell the FCC... A PicCon has been used as the remote control on a commercial FM station. Shhh!! Thanks, Byon!
Diego - IV3WSV (2008-06-29)
TT4 is Fantastic! Too easy to build, I've build it in less than 2 hours. I will try iy next week during a cicles competition. Great BIG BYON!!!!!!! Thanks for all
Daniel - VA7DRM (2008-06-15)
I can not keep from telling people how great the TT4 is! I just tried the LCD firmware and it works great! Can't wait until a keyboard is added! Thanks again Byon.
Keith Howell - G4YKE (2008-06-10)
We bought 2 TinyTrak4s for our RAYNET (emergency communications) group. These units are to be built into cases for quick installation into non-RAYNET vehicles eg ambulances. The kits arrived promptly and were complete and easy to assemble. They both worked first time. We're very pleased to see the latest firmware includes digipeating. The 'burst after PTT' feature is going to be very useful to enable us to use APRS and voice traffic on the same frequency. Keep up the good work Byon!!
Robert Kunze - DD5AN (2008-06-01)
Hi purchased a TinyTrak3+ and for mobile APRS and a TinyTrak 4 to use new functions. Both traks are working very well. Now i hae load the new TinyTrak4 display firmware on the tinytrak4 and it works fine. Im waiting for new features in the tinytrak4. Many thanks for this APRS solutions.
Tim Messer - W9TAM (2008-05-20)
I purchased a TinyTrak3 for mobile APRS use shortly after getting my ticket in 2004. Byon's setup instructions were easy to understand and follow; the TT3 worked great on a cross-country road trip. Since then, I have purchased additional products (including a TT3+, GPS and cables) and have recommended Byonics in any conversation where APRS has come up. Thanks for providing inexpensive, simple APRS solutions with great products and service!
Harley Burton - N5BFB (2008-05-13)
I purchased a TinyTrak3 and combined it with my very old Wilson MkIV, a homebuilt 10W Power Amplifier and an old Rockwell Jupiter GPS. It works fantastic. My only problems were not enough transmit power till I put the amplifier on it. It is a homebuilt piece of stuff. A 2N6082 pulled out of an old radio. It's an old design but it works.
Bill - N6SGX (2008-05-07)
I must say, Thought it woud be a big effort. I was wrong. The TT3 works well on my wifes car (KG6KXM) and the Microtrac on my Harley is performing very well. I still have one more call sign in the home and his car will also have TT3 soon. It was a pleasure working with Byon and I look forward to our future dealings. Hope to meet up with you when I ride to Vegas. You can see me & my installation at www.dslextreme.com/users/n6sgx Check it out and I highly recomend this product. Kudoos Byon!
AEK.PK - HS8GLJ (2008-04-28)
TinyTrak3 Very Good
Daniel - VA7DRM (2008-04-27)
I just got my next TinyTrak4, I had it assembled and running in 30min! Works great! I like it better then a KPC-3+ Because you can upgrade the firmware for FREE. I am always checking for new firmware!
Ray Wells - VK2TV (2008-04-23)
Excellent pre-despatch service and advice, and just five days delivery to Ausralia. The kit and instructions look great. Byon certainly knows what customer service means.