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Max Silva Chagas - PU2RTN (2005-11-01)
Gostei muito da Tiny, muito fácil do usar e programar, em pouco tempo já estava com minha estação de aprs móvel funcionando. <<<< BRASIL >>>>
Axel - DD8GR / LU2HLR (2005-10-16)
TTIII as kit, assembled in 1 hour, working in 2-3 hours with an Garmin eTrex and Yaesu FT-7800, great for a new comer!
Shaun - M0UNC (2005-09-16)
Being a new comer into the world of aprs.. I fiddled around with numerous TNC's to find i could not get them to do the job in question. I purchased the TinyTrack3. I found it was easy to built and setup. maybe there were a few human input errors on the configuration part !Hi .. and on the plus side, its small enough for the peddle cycle mobile. Conclusion. One very happy cyclist.
Jackie - KG4ORX (2005-07-30)
i brouht this tiny track3 and it works greatnow they track me haha ! i order already built and please with this tiny track 3 this is killer tiny track ever put in my truck.
Jim - K8COP (2005-07-14)
Thanks for placing a TTL input into the TT3 for a GPS with only a TTL output. I just found (free) a Motorola VP Oncore GPS receiver. It nicely interfaced to the TT3 and working great!!! Also the manual is well written for setting up the unit.. Keep up the good work!
Danny - AE6MB (2005-07-13)
Low cost, QUICK shipping, easy assembly, good directions, small size, and it works great! What more can I say?
Chris - KC9DEX (2005-07-06)
I went to Dayton to get a KPC-3 and decided on the TinyTrak instead. After a few minor cable wiring glitches (my own fault), this unit performed (and is still performing) flawlessly. Great product! Easy to program and functions great. I'm pleased with its performance and would recommend it to anyone!
Fritz - DD9OJ (2005-05-18)
My TinyTrak3 works wonderful!
Tommy - KB5SOZ (2005-05-03)
After a month of e-mails with Byon, I bought an assembled TT. It has worked flawlessly, except for operator induced error, and Byon has been most patient and helpful. I now have two TTs. Good product and fantastic service.
Steve - KE7DMQ (2005-04-13)
Got the PocketTracker circuit board assembled very quickly with no issues. Had a wire pinch when I stuffed it into an Altoids tin I had. After finding that it was no problem to get it programmed and get it connected to a Garmin eTrex GPS. As an electrical engineer with 25 years industry experience, I will say that Byon and Tony have really put together a solid system with world-class documentation.
Enrico - IV3SBE / 5Z4ES (2005-04-06)
Got hold of 2 TTIII and a PicPaC, great engineering up and running in less than 30 minutes assembly job. Byon is unique in his class, a defective LCD display was replaced at no cost, He really stands behind his products. A must for every HAM around the Globe.
Jamie - N3TOY (2005-03-22)
I have been extremly impressed with all the Byonics products I own or have used. Going back to the original TinyTrak and the string translator for the old Aisin GPS. I also own a Pic-Pac. The kits are professional and the manuals are great! Byon really has his thumb on the pulse of HAM radio!
Eric - KD7CAO (2005-03-21)
I have purchased several products from Byon and have been extremely satisfied with not only the fast S/H but also the coureous reply to E-Mails and correspondence. Byon stands behind his products, something that more companies should do. I now own the Tiny Trak II and III, as well as a GST-1. Thank you.
Ryan - K2RRT (2005-03-21)
I've had three TinyTrak kits over the years. The first was a TT2 and the others where TT3's They have never given me any trouble what so ever. Assembly is a breeze. It would would make a great project for a club. I use mine almost everyday.
Jeff - KG4ZIE (2005-03-20)
I bought a tinytrak3 a few months ago. The shipping on it was one of the fastest I have seen between ebay people and various other companies. It was also very well packaged and included very excellent documentation to help me assemble it. I will say it took me a little longer to build than the time that was said but that was really my fault as I wanted to make sure I got everything perfect. It is also a great little product that does what it should. All the problems I have had with using the product are not from the product itself but from the radio/antenna I am using and my understanding of APRS. I hope to soon buy another to build into my rat shack digitraveler gps. If the other products from byonics are as good as my tinytrak then you can not go wrong. The only other thing I could say is that I am a very satisfied customer who would buy from Byonics again! Thanks for making this great kit and your other kits available. I hope you can come up with some more great kits in the future.