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Edward Bassett - N8FVM (2011-04-10)
Wow I am over whelmed at all you have to digest. I will be contacting you soon about what you recommend for my application.
Kevin Wison - KI6SUJ (2011-03-23)
I purchased the Micro-Trac 8000 FA a few years ago. It is still working flawlessly. On events, I can be picked up by NET control where people using other units fade out. More recently, I purchased the APO3. It works great. Turning of the motorcycle caused me to appear only where it last beaconed. Now, they know where I am at due to the continued beaconing, without me worrying about leaving the key on. At my recommendation, a friend purchased the RTG combo. Again, a solid unit. All purchases went smooth. Each product is great.
Paul Voorhees - W7PV (2011-03-17)
Great product! Easy to assemble, works as advertised. I'm thinking of getting another. I use 8 ea 1.2v NiMH batteries for the HT and 8 for the PicCon and have a very small package (in a Rubbermaid container) that will run for 5 hours. Thanks Byon!
Todd Stowe - KJ4RSG (2011-03-10)
I'm beyond a newbie when it comes to electronics. All I wanted to do was take pictures from space with a weather balloon. The guys at byonics were beyond helpful. I'd never have pulled it off without their help. See the photos at www.TheTalon.SmugMug.com/misc/space.
Keith - G0FEA (2011-03-05)
OUTSTANDING, Ordered and delivered in 5 working days from the USA to the UK. TT4 & GPS Worked straight out of the envelope. Check out my live APRS at www.yaesu.org.uk. Thnaks Byon.
Larry Jacobs - WA7ZBO (2011-02-27)
I have five PicCon controllers mated to five Radio Shack HTX-200 handheld radios. This combination along with a 9 volt battery gives me the ability to do anything I want in any combination in the field. The whole thing is palm sized and with the feature of using the receiver as well as the 200mw transmitter, I can reprogram on the fly or activate the units after they have been hidden. In the five years I've used these, I have never had one problem. Not bad considering the whole unit with used radio off Ebay cost less than $100.00.
Evan Heckel - WB5KOJ (2011-02-14)
I bought a PicCon kit and I am delighted with the quality of both the circuit board and the instructions. It was simple to assemble and works great - easy to program and lots of flexibility. In short a great product.
Paul - W5LZ (2011-02-10)
I have two of Byoni's products, both work well, do at -least- what is claimed for them. The first one I assembled and it worked(!) and still does. The second one was the 'MT-RTG' model, nice'er than my put-together cigar box. Happy camper...
Hal - W4HP (2011-01-28)
You can't do business with better than Byonics. After cross connecting my power leads on my TT4, Byon took great care of me. Shipping was very timely and I will be ordering more! .......Thanks Byon........Hal
Thomas - SV2CLJ (2011-01-25)
I got my packet from Byon ,fast & smooth transcaction ... Excellent Quality .. as always ..this is the fourth time i bought kits from Byonics . Guys go to them ! Thanks Byon.
Chris - Ae4xo (2011-01-22)
WOW! I got my microtrak RTG in 2 days. I had it running about 5 minutes after it got here! Awesome product for simple tracking.
Steve Cook - KJ4LAB (2011-01-08)
Very happy with my TT4 and recently added the RTG. Byon's customer support is second to none.
Dennis - KA0ZIS (2010-12-17)
Have done quite a bit of business with Byonics. TT4's, TT3 and GPS have always been very satisfied with the products and service.
Einar - LA7YKA (2010-12-15)
Fast shipping of TT3+ combo and TT4 with display unit. Delivered i Norway 6 days after ordering. Both units were easy to assemble and worked as expected on first try.
Al Bowen - KG2M (2010-12-12)
I expected all of the functional features(and was not disappointed) but not the top notch physical design and implementation. No home brew feel, but a quality well thought out assembly. The accessory cables were a pleasant surprise too. Again not off the shelf hardware asssemblies but molded body connectors and wire strain reliefs with shrink wrapped cable ID's. Worth every penny.