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Thomas - SV2CLJ (2011-01-25)
I got my packet from Byon ,fast & smooth transcaction ... Excellent Quality .. as always ..this is the fourth time i bought kits from Byonics . Guys go to them ! Thanks Byon.
Chris - Ae4xo (2011-01-22)
WOW! I got my microtrak RTG in 2 days. I had it running about 5 minutes after it got here! Awesome product for simple tracking.
Steve Cook - KJ4LAB (2011-01-08)
Very happy with my TT4 and recently added the RTG. Byon's customer support is second to none.
Dennis - KA0ZIS (2010-12-17)
Have done quite a bit of business with Byonics. TT4's, TT3 and GPS have always been very satisfied with the products and service.
Einar - LA7YKA (2010-12-15)
Fast shipping of TT3+ combo and TT4 with display unit. Delivered i Norway 6 days after ordering. Both units were easy to assemble and worked as expected on first try.
Al Bowen - KG2M (2010-12-12)
I expected all of the functional features(and was not disappointed) but not the top notch physical design and implementation. No home brew feel, but a quality well thought out assembly. The accessory cables were a pleasant surprise too. Again not off the shelf hardware asssemblies but molded body connectors and wire strain reliefs with shrink wrapped cable ID's. Worth every penny.
Bill Farley - WA5FLG (2010-11-23)
I was using the TinyTracker 3 plus and needed a compact unit. I ordered the "Yellow Box" MT-AIO unit and am a happy camper. No more components spread out all over the car or airplane ! The unit works much better and is very handy.
Ronald - ZL3BCC (2010-11-14)
I ordered the TT4 v7 and got it after 7 days. Initially got some issues the TT4 is not transmitting but Byon was very helpful and patient in answering my emails. He told me to reload the firmware, set the configuration on the radio and TT4 and it worked. Very good customer service. AAA+++
John - n6vcw (2010-10-31)
PicCon: I replaced the resonator with a crystal and added a 22pF cap between each of the leads and ground. The timing is superb with this mod. It's being used in IARU mode and works great. Nice controller!
John - N6VCW (2010-10-31)
The kit was very easy to assemble in under 20 minutes). It's working perfectly and programming it is very simple.
Clint Bradford - K6LCS (2010-09-23)
If you want to get involved with a company that is responsive and cares about its customers - then look no further. I have sent the most elementary questions to Byonics on my new TT4 purchase, and they are great.
Dick - W0HHF (2010-09-14)
Bought 2 TT4D, one with GPS for tracker, one without GPS for fixed base digi. Initially had a problem with displays, but Byon and I were able to solve over the phone. Performance is outstanding once I figured out how to set the receive audio level. Always read where some radios didn't put out enough audio; I kept increasing the RXAMP setting, but problem was actually too much audio. Outstanding range. Check out W0HHF-3. Just a J-pole on a TV mast on top of my garage with LMR-400 feedline. Thanks, Byon.
steve - n2ser (2010-09-13)
Our club purchased the PICPAC for use in our foxhunt. Not only did it work well, but it far exceeded our expectations. Support is outstanding if you have questions, or need assistance with programming. Thank you Byonics.
David - KF4WQW (2010-08-17)
Would like to thank Byonics for the MT-RTG product they have placed on the market for Ham's to use. Very simple to make the unit TX in mins. Took me longer scratching my head how & where to hide the unit. My car was TX'ing in about an hour. My truck took a lot longer because of space & hiding the wires. Just remember if you are already TX'ing on APRS to add an extra number at the end of your call sign when you order more than 1 unit or have another unit on APRS.IF. This unit fixed solved my teenage problem of wondering where my car is. Thanks again for a great product. Look forward to buying again.
Roger JONES G6XCJ /G0CJM - (2010-08-03)
Courtesy of a French Call. I now use only TCPIP* as my path and this has the effect of reporting my location to the closest metre/yard. I use this path best with my TT3Plus and with my IC-E2820.