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Byonics GPS Receivers

Byonics GPS receivers are 5-volt, WAAS enabled, output 4800 baud NMEA 0183 serial and employ the SiRFStarIV chipset. They are compatible with the TinyTrak3Plus,TinyTrak4, and most Micro-Trak transmitters, all of which provide the 5V to power the GPS directly. They have a female DB-9 connector interface on a 6 foot cable, and the cases are IPX7 waterproof so they are fine in the rain, snow and sun, and contain a magnet to be easily mounted outside a vehicle. However, they are sensitive enough to work well even indoors.

A blue LED is inside the case that is on solid then aquiring, and flashes once synced to the satellites. DB-9 pinout is 2:GPS data out (RS-232), 3:GPS data in (not normally used), 4:+5V power input, 5:ground. Current draw is about 32mA. NMEA sentences sent each second: $GPGSA, $GPRMC, $GPGGA, $GPGSV. Accuracy is approx. 2.5 meters. Acquisition times are: Cold Start: 35 sec (avg), Warm Start: 35 sec (avg), Hot Start: 1 sec (min). Sensitivity is Acquisition:-147dBm, Tracking:-163dBm.

Note: These are 5 volt GPS receivers, and should never be connected directly to a 12V power supply. They can be connected directly to a TinyTrak3Plus (if J7 is set for 5V), a TinyTrak4 (if JP6 is set for 5V) or a Micro-Trak RTG, as these will regulate their supply voltage down to 5V to power a GPS.

Note: Our latest batch of GPS5 receivers were made with a PS2 connector instead of a DB-9. We have added PS2 to DB-9 adapters which will correct the problem. If this will be a problem, please contact us.

Add To Cart Byonics GPS5 - $69
Our most popular GPS receiver. Works at altitudes up to 18KM/60Kft. Also available as just the GPS module below. Manual

Add To Cart Byonics GPS5HA - $79
Previously called GPS4. Same as the GPS5, but intended for high altitude ballooning. Works at altitudes up to 84KM. Also available as just the GPS module below.

Add To Cart Byonics GPS5OEM - $64
This is the receiver module found inside the GPS5 (no case or DB-9 cable). Works at altitudes up to 18KM/60Kft. It weighes 0.5oz, comes with a 3" interface cable and outputs both TTL and RS-232. Wiring is 1:black:ground, 2:red:3.3V to 5V DC power, 3:yellow:TTL data from GPS, 4:white:RS-232 data to GPS, 5:green:RS-232 data from GPS, 6:blue:TTL data to GPS. Size is 30mm x 30mm x 7.8mm. Weight with cable 15g / 0.5 oz.

Add To Cart Byonics GPS5HAOEM - $74
Previously called GPS4OEM. Same as the GPS5OEM, but intended for high altitude ballooning. Works at altitudes up to 84KM. Manual

GPS Accessories

Add To Cart GPAKP - GPS 12V Adapter for Kenwood - $25
Powerpole connector with output to a 2.5mm (3/32") TRS stereo plug. Use this to connect a Byonics GPS above to the Kenwood TM-D710A, TM-D700A, and TH-D7A radios. Also compatible with Yaesu radios with 2.5mm GPS connector. Male DB-9 shell contains a 5V regulator to power the GPS. GPS serial data is present on the 2.5mm ring connector.

Add To Cart GPAIP - GPS 12V Adapter for Icom - $25
Same as above, but wired for serial to the 2.5mm tip instead of ring. Compatible with Icom IC-7100, ID-880H, and ID-5100A. Not compatible with the ID-51A

Add To Cart GUA - GPS USB Adapter - $20
The GUA will connect a Byonics GPS receiver to a computer USB port. The GPS will appear to the computer as a standard COM port. Unlike most USB to serial adapters, the GUA provides the 5V needed to power the GPS receiver, so no additional power adapter is needed.

The GUA uses the Prolific chipset, so your computer may already have the necessary drivers. If not, use this Windows 2000/XP Driver or this Windows Vista/7 Driver.

Add To Cart TinyTrak to Deluo Adapter - $5 This adapter will allow the TinyTrak3Plus or TinyTrak4 to connect to and power the old Deluo 5-volt GPS recevier that had the 6 pin mini din interface.