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Steve - KA4TMB (2015-10-23)
Love my Micro Trak. Bought one after my brother Bill - KH6UU (2014-09-18) recommended it. Now want to upgrade to TT4 so it will RX before TX since it's so busy on the east coast here with collisions, but that's not a problem with the hardware. Just too much fun with APRS and work with ARES! I love being a Ham! HAH!! Thanks, Bill *AND BYONICS*!
Adam - KG4ERE (2015-09-30)
I started off with one TT3 on one of my vehicles to see how it did. I worked flawlessly from day 1. I have since purchase 3 more Tiny Trak units for various uses and they all work great. Any tech questions I have ever had are always answered promptly and efficiently. If you are looking to purchase a quality, easy to use product, then you can do no better than Byonics.
David warden - KG7NKG (2015-09-28)
Just received my gps unit and cable to connect to my IC-7100 radio. Worked first try. Very pleased. Love the 5v voltage regulator built in to connector and power pole connector for 12v supply. Nice touch.
Gary Gail - wd8ajj (2015-09-27)
Installed the Mico-Trak on my motorcycle and running like a champ the 1st time. Will admit was the easiest I have ever had installing an APRS unit! Wish we had more than 1 Igate node here in town....
Christoph Cramer - DF5KX (2015-07-03)
Need a nice price fully functional APRS kit? Tiny-Track 4 is what you NEED! Working in my place as DB0IT digi + WX station since a couple of years by now! Check aprs.fi or findu to observe wx cond in East Frisia / Germany! THANK YOU BYONICS!! KEEP UP that GREAT work!!
Rod Milbrandt - (2015-05-29)
The first Micro-Trak AIO HA we ordered had some problems, Byon immediately sent another to exchange via priority mail free of charge. Great customer service! Highly recommended.
Rich - KU9R (2015-05-28)
Great product! I ordered two, put them together in one evening. Hooked them up, downloaded the config software...BINGO, they just work!Easy peasy!
Jim Koelling - KB9CFH (2015-05-23)
Good track to Dayton and back from Ada, Ok. 2015 Hamvention Search KB9CFH-9 Canoe even shows getting slightly lost in St. Louis, Mo.
Darryl Hedges - KD9AUK (2015-03-10)
I have used the Micro-Trak RTG with my high altitude balloon flights and it has performed flawlessly. Great product at a very reasonable price.
Clinton McDonald - VK3MJC (2015-02-27)
Great service. TT3+ arrived and seemed to work fine, but wouldn't key radio. Email to Byon had him pinpoint a failed transistor. Replaced the transistor and it's off and running. The fact that Byon responded to emails within 12 hours, and offered to send a new transistor out to me (in VK) speaks volumes for his service and support.
Wayne Reed - K4TTZ (2015-02-13)
After a failed attempt at updating the firmware on my WORKING TinyTrak4, I found myself with a dead device. I tried reloading the firmware per the firmware manual with no joy. I sent a brief email to Byon, and he put me back on track and I was able to recover my device. Good device that performs flawlessly and good customer service. It's a rare thing nowadays.
John McNelly - KK6NQK (2014-12-01)
Ordered the TinyTrack3Plus with TinyPack firmware a while back for a high-altitude balloon project. I had some troubles initially (through no fault of the Byonics hardware; I was getting RF interference on my Arduino serial outputs from the radio I was using), but Byon was extremely helpful every step of the way. I also bought a Micro-Fox 500 from Byonics, which worked wonderfully. I just recently had the SMA board-mount connector break off (again, not due to a problem with the product) and Byon is having one shipped to me for free. Great products with five-star customer service! I'll definitely be ordering from these guys again :)
James Bodnar - W8UQZ (2014-10-15)
Works great. Never had a problem with the Tiny Trak3. Any problems that came up were with the radios.
Jim Koelling - KB9CFH (2014-10-12)
If you use PicCon and do a lot of field re-programing, think about sending the DTMF to a digital audio recorder for LONG DTMF strings. Then instead of having to punch all those buttons, just hit the play on the recorder. You can also save the MP3 file to your computer for future use. You can remote change, or hook direct into the PicCon unit.
Bill - KH6UU (2014-09-18)
Micro-Trak works exactly as described. Bought one for a family member ham, and going to order another for myself. Up and running in 5 minutes!