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Peter VEnlet - N8YEL (2007-08-15)
Micro-Trak 8000 working flawlessly! Showed it off at our local club meeting where it met with several o-ooo's, a-hhh's and wows! You'll be getting some calls for sure! Great product! Thanks!
Brad - WF7T (2007-08-10)
Received the Micro-Trak and Byonics brand GPS...Works like a champ the first time out. Great product and highly recommended. PS: my old TinyTrak3 works great too! Thanks for some great gear!
Derek McIntyre - N4DBM (2007-08-03)
The Tiny Track is a must. We have been impressed by the dependability and simple operation of this unit and would recommend it to anyone.
Pat Kilroy - N8PK (2007-08-03)
The Micro-Trak 300 performed well on my SimSat-3 high-altitude balloon flight in July 2007. It was the first time I used the MT300 for flight and it looks like it will fly again. See some results of SimSat-3 at http://www.patkilroy.com/simsat until the next flight.
Mike - VE6ZAP (2007-08-02)
Purchased two TT3+ units. This is a beautiful little kit. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Took just under an hour to build each kit. Very nice product! Thanks! 73
steve bowyer - wz7e (2007-07-29)
TT3 ordered, received, installed, tested and working all in 3 days time. A fine product for a very reasonable price. Thanks Byon
David - G8UVE (2007-07-23)
Because many of my friend are using the TT3+ I purchased a TT3+ The Traker works fine with my friends Etrex but not with MY Etrex, the GPS valid light will no light Any Pointers would be helpful Certainly no complaints about the Tiny Trak A first class piece of kit Thanks 73s David
Brek - KC0YOE (2007-07-22)
I built one of the earlier Micro-Track 300 kits. I flew it on a high altitude balloon to nearly 80,000 ft. It worked all the way up and all the way back. Thanks for your great products and great support.
Alan - W1ABT (2007-07-17)
I have had my Combo Tracker plus and deulo gps they work just fine the Hams in Tallahassee are very impressed. Thank you Byon for a great product!!
Mario - HB9RLW (2007-07-16)
The best unit: Tiny Trak 3 was I build , works 100% at first moment. Thanks ! 73
Jefferson Fernandes - PU2PYC (2007-07-14)
Uso a tiny track3 e estou muito satisfeito, a minha fica ligada 24 horas ja fazem 6 meses sem nenhum problema. 73 for All! >>> Brazil <<<
Gary - KB1AWI (2007-06-25)
HT radio and serial connection was wired and on the air in an hour. Thank you for the speedy delivery. 73
John - KD6GKD (2007-06-20)
Hooked it up to my Garmin GPS, and HTX-202 handheld radio, and it worked perfectly the first time out. Had some problems with my cable, and Byon was nice enough to help me resolve the problem by testing my device. Device was fine, of course - it was my serial cable that was the problem... Thanks Byon!
Christopher Roy - KC2HSU (2007-06-06)
I just installed the TinyTrack3Plus and it is a great unit. The best part is that I received it in only two days and I live across the country! I am very pleased with this unit, the price, the size and the connectivity. Simply put, it's a great inexpensive alternative for position reporting.
James Weber - KCØYEF (2007-05-21)
I have been using the TT3 for a couple months and just appreciate that it just works all the time everyday. Glad to help you Beta anytime James