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Dave - N0TRQ (2007-03-25)
I have to ammend my comment a bit, after tweaking R6 to the proper level, changing the 200K ohm R5 out with a 10K resistor really lets the TT3+ talk, as suggested in docs a 100K was a bit louder than stock not quite enough to drive the audio, but shorting it caused a bit of clipping. A simple mod, but effective... still 300% satisfied!
Dave - N0TRQ (2007-03-22)
Purchased a TT3+ w/GPS combo built and tested, config'd it and plugged it into my mobile rig... worked great, tweaking R6 only improved overall performance. Eagerly awaiting the TT4 with digi functions! Thanks Byon!
Keith Harvey - VA3KRV (2007-03-08)
Just finished the MicroTrak300.. works as advertised! Construction easier than I thought it would be, despite "senior eyes and fingers" and teenie-tiny parts. Great little kit and fun to build.
Don Kuczenski - KB3LVX (2007-02-10)
I have been looking at the tiny trak3 plus for awhile and finally bought a Delu combo. The set up was easy with a few minor tweaks and the wiring diagrams were very helpful in making my own cables for a motorola maxtrac gm300. I have since purchased another Tiny Trak 3 and I am looking into buying a WXTrak. This is a great product!
Bill Mungaven - N6WJM (2007-01-21)
I bought 2 TT3s: 1 for my car, 1 for my work van. Byon shipped both units quickly. I had both units assembled and working in less than 3 hours. Both units worked the first time. I had no trouble with either units' programming. They both work with a old Kenwood TR2400 HT, a Kenwood TM-221a, a Kenwood TR-7800 and Yaesu FT-2400. I didn't have to make any internal adjustments to make them work. Thanks for a great product.
Russ Logar - KC2LSB (2007-01-14)
I purchased the TinyTrak3 last week. Received it promptly. Kit is a breeze to put together. Instructions are super. On-site wiring diagram for programming cable was a real help. Had the whole thing up and running in an afternoon. Great value for the price. Currently experimenting with APRS for ARES work. Thanks, Russ, KC2LSB ARES EC, Queens COunty NY.
Rob - K0RU (2007-01-11)
Installed the TinyTrak3Plus yesterday (took about 30 minutes, never used APRS before in my life) fired it up did the calibration of the deviation & CD it works like a charm. Made my first all day trip for work today from Kansas City, KS to Springfield, MO and back and it work perfect. I only Operate CW in the Truck and use the TinyTrak3Plus to post my position on the net for others to see. Love it! Thanks for a wonderful product! Best purpose I've found for a 2 meter rig. Rob - K0RU
Scott - KBěNLY (2007-01-10)
Great little unit after i got through some initial hickups. Works good every time! For those interested in using it with a Motorola Maxtrac or Radius mobile have a look at my website, Radio Mods, and then the Maxtrac and Radius Page. All you need to know! www.kb0nly.net
Steve Black - KB1CHU (2007-01-03)
Good product.Fast shipping.Simple setup. Worked first time. On the air in minutes. What more can you ask for? After using a Tiny Trak 3 for a year my son-in law "borrowed" it giving me a chance to buy a Tiny Trak Plus.
Bob - VK2BYF (2006-12-13)
I put the kit together in less than an hour and configured it. It worked perfectly first time. A bargain
Joel - N6OLN (2006-12-06)
I have been using my Tiny Trak 3 for close to two years now, with no problems whatsoever. I use it with my old HTX-202 and a Garmin E-trex.
Roberto - iw5bsf (2006-12-05)
Very Good Byonics service 73 de Roberto italy
Leo - DO9NNO (2006-12-03)
I own a Tiny Track 3 and I like it. The service of Byonics is superb! The next thing I want to buy is a Micro-Trak 300 with the european frequencie. 73 from Germany
Shinichi - JM1CZS (2006-11-15)
Very Good! Thans BYONICS E-mail:jm1czs@jarl.com
Keith Harvey - VA3KRV (2006-11-15)
Just ordered the GPS to add to my 2 vehicle Tracker 3/ 3+ system. Great products and excellent support.