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Wim Fournier - PH7WIM (2006-09-05)
I had a problem with the PIC not being able to send over rs-232 anymore. I received a new PIC within a week from Byonics, great service!
Aaron - KI6BYJ (2006-08-25)
I have been running my TinyTrac3Plus for about five months now with no problems. It is so easy to configure and interface. Thanks for a great product!
Bill Lemmon - KA4TWK (2006-08-20)
Just received the prebuilt TinyTrac3Plus with cables and the DeluoGPS. Configured it and attached it to my old Realistic 202....Works like a champ... Thanks for helping me build a tracker so quickly... Bill ka4twk
JAN ERIK - ELA8PV (2006-08-09)
Bob Ehrhorn - KD6GNB-1 (2006-07-27)
Byon, Thank's for all the help on the Tiny Trak 3 It works great. I have worked many events with this since I have installed APRS and it always works great. Thank You, Bob.
patrick cadek - F1OFF (2006-07-20)
fantastic work thanks for all groups byonics
Leo - VK3BSX (2006-06-19)
The TinyTrak3 kit including board and instructions is of outstanding quality reminiscent of Heathkit years ago.
Scott - N3UJJ (2006-05-22)
I just ordered my 3rd TinyTrak III, Byon's support and service fantastic. The TinyTrak is a outstanding product that I would recomend to anyone interested in getting involved with APRS. Thank You Byon, for a wonderful product, and your outstanding service.
Lloyd - kc0jbn (2006-04-29)
It came to me fast and it works great. I get every turn and it shows me every thing and where I go.It is a little smaller than I thought it would be but that is not a bad thing. I got it stored in a nice little hide away.I have it in my truck and I will be getting another one for on the Motorcycle I ride.Thanks for the great tiny-tracker 3 plus.
Javier - VA3TAJ (2006-04-22)
Super easy to set it up and easy to interface with a home brew cable following directions available on the internet, it works great.
Joseph Gadus - KE5BVQ (2006-04-21)
Byon is a great guy. I had some problems with the tiny tracker and i shipped it to him for examination. He found a cold solder joint and repaired it. He also sent a new one just in case he missed anything else. I only wish he still had the Pocket Tracker! Thanks Byon
Tom - W4NOV (2006-04-13)
I must compliment Byon for not only his well thought-out products, but for the outstandng customer support. The TT3+ and WXTRACK are beautifully designed and constructed and when I had visual difficulties soldering the Null Modem kit, Byon "bailed me out" immediately with a pre-built replacement at his expense. As a Ham for some 54 years, it's GREAT to note that the Ham brotherhood is still alive and well and and so obviously present at BYONICS! Tom --... ...--
Geoffrey - WA4IKQ (2006-03-24)
The Byonics WxTrak serves four purposes in allowing me to get my model 2100 Peet Brothers Weather station up and running on APRS. First, it correctly trims and parses the extra long serial data string to the correct length and standard format so Kenwood TNC radios and findU.com can remotely interpet it. Secondly, it freed up my TNC for other use. Third, I can now operate my APRS Weather Station without a computer running full time. Fourth, the entire station, with the Byonics WxTrak, and HTX-202 radio is powered by a trickle-charged 12 volt battery. I measured it takes only 103 milliamps to sustain the entire system, making it eligible for solar power operation. The WxTrak and programming software make up a turn-key product. I highly recommend anyone contemplating using this kit do as I did, and purchase the inexpensive null modem adapter and USB serial cable for programming it. I found my laptop computer COM1 port did not have sufficient voltage swing or drive to be able to program the PIC, but the recommended accessory USB serial cable on COM4 did.
Kurt - N0IHC (2006-03-09)
I received my TinyTrak3 Plus within just four days. The unit really is smaller than the pictures make it out to be. But this certainly isn't a disadvantage at all but rather a real advantage! My word of advice: be darned sure you double check which clickable button you are clicking on when ordering the radio cables for your particular radio! The only problem I had was that I clicked on the wrong link and ordered a cable for Yaesu mobile radios instead of the proper one for my Realistic HTX-202!! Of course - my fault all the way. I know, I know. An Extra-Class licensee is supposed to know how to read. I do, but obviously I haven't learned how to successfully manipulate a web page to the proper area yet. Dread!! I ordered the TinyTrak3 Plus in kit form. Since I haven't soldered since getting out of the U.S. Army as an electronics technician back in the 1993, it took me a little longer than some of the others on here - about three hours max from start to finish. Parts placement is a snap with the downloadable and printable PDF owners manual (yes, I still like to have things in hard copy - sue me). This is a marvelous little kit. The SmartBeacon settings work very well and it indeed has been showing every little turn I make and at the proper times. Brilliant workmanship from Byon - I honestly believe every APRS-active ham operator should give him/her self the opportunity to put one of these together and have one on hand. They are extremely useful. I put mine in a locking stow away metal box in the old police cruiser center console I have installed in my GMC Jimmy along with the radio. Everything but the Globalsat GPS is hidden from plain site. The little flashing red LED on the Globalsat can appear frightening to anyone who is considering a theft operation on your vehicle at night. GPS receiver performs double duty here as a result: GPS receiver for APRS and expensive looking theft deterrent all for he same price hihi What can I say - GET one of these. You WILL be impressed. KDS
TJ - NS2E (2006-02-04)
TinyTrak3, PocketTracker, and now a TinyTrak3Plus, Byon makes an excellent product. His customer service, communications, and tech support are the best in the industry. Kenwood and Icom could take lessons from him! 'Really miss the PocketTrackers!