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Rob - K0RU (2007-01-11)
Installed the TinyTrak3Plus yesterday (took about 30 minutes, never used APRS before in my life) fired it up did the calibration of the deviation & CD it works like a charm. Made my first all day trip for work today from Kansas City, KS to Springfield, MO and back and it work perfect. I only Operate CW in the Truck and use the TinyTrak3Plus to post my position on the net for others to see. Love it! Thanks for a wonderful product! Best purpose I've found for a 2 meter rig. Rob - K0RU
Scott - KBěNLY (2007-01-10)
Great little unit after i got through some initial hickups. Works good every time! For those interested in using it with a Motorola Maxtrac or Radius mobile have a look at my website, Radio Mods, and then the Maxtrac and Radius Page. All you need to know! www.kb0nly.net
Steve Black - KB1CHU (2007-01-03)
Good product.Fast shipping.Simple setup. Worked first time. On the air in minutes. What more can you ask for? After using a Tiny Trak 3 for a year my son-in law "borrowed" it giving me a chance to buy a Tiny Trak Plus.
Bob - VK2BYF (2006-12-13)
I put the kit together in less than an hour and configured it. It worked perfectly first time. A bargain
Joel - N6OLN (2006-12-06)
I have been using my Tiny Trak 3 for close to two years now, with no problems whatsoever. I use it with my old HTX-202 and a Garmin E-trex.
Roberto - iw5bsf (2006-12-05)
Very Good Byonics service 73 de Roberto italy
Leo - DO9NNO (2006-12-03)
I own a Tiny Track 3 and I like it. The service of Byonics is superb! The next thing I want to buy is a Micro-Trak 300 with the european frequencie. 73 from Germany
Shinichi - JM1CZS (2006-11-15)
Very Good! Thans BYONICS E-mail:jm1czs@jarl.com
Keith Harvey - VA3KRV (2006-11-15)
Just ordered the GPS to add to my 2 vehicle Tracker 3/ 3+ system. Great products and excellent support.
TJ Burbank - KE7EYY (2006-10-21)
This is my second TinyTrak 3+ and I am very impressed and the size and functionality that this APRS tracker has. A+++ Customer Service and Impressive response to emails.
Will Perry - WA6LDQ (2006-10-08)
Byon produces great products! I'm very pleased with all the TT's I have built. My favorite is the TT3 SMT which I managed to put inside of a Yaesu FT-23r handie talkie. Just plug in a GPS and it works great! I call it my "poor man's D7"!
Dave Dobbins - K7GPS (2006-10-06)
Couldn't wait for the TT4, so bought (another) TT3+. These are great gizmos. The SmartBeacon feature really makes it useful in my tracker packages. Good work.
Cameron Stotz - K6CAM (2006-09-20)
Just ordered my TinyTrak3Plus and Deluo GPS. Can't wait to get the APRS stuff going!
Michael McHenry - N0RZN (2006-09-18)
Great diversity or product knowledge, expertise, and APRS interests. I would highly recommend as KC5TRB utilizes your products and referred your site to me.
Brad Morford - KD7YTJ (2006-09-16)
Got all the bugs out and hooked up to bus and it works better than the my Kenwood HT and user friendly. So I ordered 1 more