Testimonials from Byonics Customers

If you have been impressed with Byonics products or service, please share your comments here.

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TJ Burbank - KE7EYY (2006-10-21)
This is my second TinyTrak 3+ and I am very impressed and the size and functionality that this APRS tracker has. A+++ Customer Service and Impressive response to emails.
Will Perry - WA6LDQ (2006-10-08)
Byon produces great products! I'm very pleased with all the TT's I have built. My favorite is the TT3 SMT which I managed to put inside of a Yaesu FT-23r handie talkie. Just plug in a GPS and it works great! I call it my "poor man's D7"!
Dave Dobbins - K7GPS (2006-10-06)
Couldn't wait for the TT4, so bought (another) TT3+. These are great gizmos. The SmartBeacon feature really makes it useful in my tracker packages. Good work.
Cameron Stotz - K6CAM (2006-09-20)
Just ordered my TinyTrak3Plus and Deluo GPS. Can't wait to get the APRS stuff going!
Michael McHenry - N0RZN (2006-09-18)
Great diversity or product knowledge, expertise, and APRS interests. I would highly recommend as KC5TRB utilizes your products and referred your site to me.
Brad Morford - KD7YTJ (2006-09-16)
Got all the bugs out and hooked up to bus and it works better than the my Kenwood HT and user friendly. So I ordered 1 more
Wim Fournier - PH7WIM (2006-09-05)
I had a problem with the PIC not being able to send over rs-232 anymore. I received a new PIC within a week from Byonics, great service!
Aaron - KI6BYJ (2006-08-25)
I have been running my TinyTrac3Plus for about five months now with no problems. It is so easy to configure and interface. Thanks for a great product!
Bill Lemmon - KA4TWK (2006-08-20)
Just received the prebuilt TinyTrac3Plus with cables and the DeluoGPS. Configured it and attached it to my old Realistic 202....Works like a champ... Thanks for helping me build a tracker so quickly... Bill ka4twk
JAN ERIK - ELA8PV (2006-08-09)
Bob Ehrhorn - KD6GNB-1 (2006-07-27)
Byon, Thank's for all the help on the Tiny Trak 3 It works great. I have worked many events with this since I have installed APRS and it always works great. Thank You, Bob.
patrick cadek - F1OFF (2006-07-20)
fantastic work thanks for all groups byonics
Leo - VK3BSX (2006-06-19)
The TinyTrak3 kit including board and instructions is of outstanding quality reminiscent of Heathkit years ago.
Scott - N3UJJ (2006-05-22)
I just ordered my 3rd TinyTrak III, Byon's support and service fantastic. The TinyTrak is a outstanding product that I would recomend to anyone interested in getting involved with APRS. Thank You Byon, for a wonderful product, and your outstanding service.
Lloyd - kc0jbn (2006-04-29)
It came to me fast and it works great. I get every turn and it shows me every thing and where I go.It is a little smaller than I thought it would be but that is not a bad thing. I got it stored in a nice little hide away.I have it in my truck and I will be getting another one for on the Motorcycle I ride.Thanks for the great tiny-tracker 3 plus.