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Tiny track 4 is a great tnc for aprs. Working good 24 hours here and easy to configure. Thank´s Mr. Byon 73´s
Christopher Nelsen - WD9HIK (2012-07-02)
Micro-Trak AIO .. EXCELLENT !! Really jurst put the batteries in and it works. Very easy to reprogram also. Best hardware I have ever purchased.
David - VK4AGP (2012-06-24)
Very impressed with the MT-RTG with GPS. Good price and fast service.
Gayan - 4S6GGS (2012-06-09)
Hi i Make some home brew APRS
Todd Stowe - KJ4RSG (2012-05-24)
I do high altitude balloon flights. I used Byonic's Micro-Trak VHF Antenna V6 on the last flight. You need one of these! My transmitter was picked up and posted to APRS.fi at a lower altitude than ever before and at a lower altitude than ever before! I'm VERY happy with it.
Michel - K0HYT (2012-05-07)
Great full featured and reliable system! The best part was the customer service! Byon is quick to respond to questions and WILL stand behind his products!
sebastien - F8FFP (2012-03-17)
See web page nice week-end http://radioamateurffp.wifeo.com/-opentracker.php http://radioamateurffp.wifeo.com/micro-track-aio.php
Tim - (2012-03-06)
I bought my MT-RTG about 18 months ago for use in my sail plane. The unit worked wonderfully, although there were times where I had trouble initialising the hardware. I lived with the issue for a full flying season and then decided I would have to rectify the situation. The unit was shipped to Byonics and the source of the problem was identified as the small antenna. The unit was returned to me without charge and equipped with a better-suited replacement antenna. Thank you for the great service.
Ben - VK2BEN (2012-02-29)
Great service! TT3 with FSK and TT4's for Digi use: reliable and good programming interface. Could you build your own cheaper? Maybe, but why endure the stress and frustration? Deploying Digipeaters is now almost PnP. Keep up the good work!
ED - W3HXJ (2012-02-09)
Supper support service. I have TT3 & 4 and now AIO.
Macca - VK3MJC (2012-02-09)
Quick delivery of the Icom compatible cable to VK. Removed R8, plugged it in, set the freq on the radio, and it just works. :) Thanks Byon.
Maureen - k6bsc (2012-01-30)
I have been using the Tiny Track for many years.There are many in our area and each Tiny track set's off a different color of tracking which is great, and when there are many hams you are watching,it's easy to keep track of each. . the Green, Blue, Pink tracking and so on. I have a question. .Can we or How can WE change our color on our tracking device ? Is this just a Girl Thing or does anyone else care how to change there color. .
AGUIAR - PU2AMA (2012-01-30)
Scott - W9VHE (2012-01-26)
Super quick delivery. Board looks great, kit packed great, looking forward to using it a long time.
Merv - VK3KAW (2012-01-23)
Again, fast delivery and an excellent product (TT4). First one works great, is in constant use since 2008.