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Dave DiGiorgio - KD6KHL (2012-01-19)
I just love the Tiny Trak4 I have. Before this I had the Alinco radio with built in TNC and it was horrible. The TT4 cured all my problems. Byon offers GREAT customer service too!
Marcelo - PY3MO (2012-01-19)
Comprei um TT3, funcionou perfeitamente, agora quer adquirir um TT4 para usar como TNC.
Les - 2e1ebx (2012-01-18)
very pleased with my new micro-trak rtg great piece of kit and it arrived in just 4 day's fantastic.Now looking to buy some more kit.
Rich - A B 2 M D (2012-01-13)
Love the Micro-Trak. Upgraded from older TT. Would be interested in knowing if anyone if has used this unit with a switched cigarette lighter plug and the APO3 and a small 12 battery. rlourette at google dot com
sebastien - F8FFP (2012-01-02)
Happy New Year at all from France. Visit my web page:http://radioamateurffp.wifeo.com/
Old Don - K8NOZ/// J68OZ (2011-11-19)
I HAD a problem ,Byon took care of it Post Hast. Very happy with his products....
Nik - DO6NIK (2011-11-14)
Ordered 2 complete Kits with Display and GPS2 of the TT4. After configuring both Kits work 100%. Now looking for a case to put TT4 + Display in. Also delivery to the European Comuntity works fine. Only personal Custom-clearence was needed while no Invoice was on and in the Package.
Chuck - KC9QCF (2011-10-23)
The Micro Fox is an excellent device for Fox Hunts. Works well even in urban areas.
carlos - LU8DCH (2011-10-17)
Harry - K5HLH (2011-09-17)
bought a AIO from a friend that was second hand, we couldn't figure out why the unit was not registering on aprs network, after sending the unit back to Byon and Allen in teck support, the unit had a minor and we do mean minor issue, Allen sent the AIO back to me at no cost even though it was second hand, this was unbelievable!!! I will state that if you go some where else to get a unit for aprs you are wasting your money and this proves it!
Tom Arnold - WA6OVP (2011-08-30)
Hello to all I am very much pleased with the Byonics Micro-Trak MT-RTG NA. The ready to go unit was received three days after being ordered. After receiving the tracker, twenty minutes later it was on the air and seen as WA6OVP-9 on the internet web site Google Maps APRS. The Byonics Micro-Trak MT-RTG NA, is certainly "plug and play." The Byonics company sells great products!
darko - 9a7kdt (2011-08-28)
I use MT-8000 for almost 2 years(every day) and works excellent.
Bruce Kramer - N1BRU (2011-08-24)
Purchased a TT3+ with GPS2 put everything together from the kit form, I'm no electronics whiz, but like to learn. I was pretty proud that when I finished the TT3+ all the lights worked the way they were supposed to. Well, not being versed I inadvertantly hooked up the 12 volt pads and smoked my GPS2. Contacting Byonics for help, I sent everything back and they helped me out, getting everything working with little expense to me. I would like to thank Byon and staff for an outstanding job of customer service, it is very satisfing to know that at this business the customer comes first. I truly will recommend this business to all my Amatuer friends, Thank You again Byonics a great place to do business!!!
Stefan/Steve - OE7SBH (2011-08-23)
Thanks!!!for the Good Aprs Tinytrak 3+ and 4 Alpha The Best Tracker Very Thaks Byon
Jan - PA7O (2011-08-05)
I own 2 TT4's and one TT3, compact, works all the time. The TT4 is even better (stable) than the TNC-X. APRS = TT4, Thanks Byon.